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Gullwing Windows

One of the numerous benefits of having a 76 series Cruiser is the excellent gullwing windows Front Runner manufactures allowing side access to the rear luggage area. Additionally, a variety of boxes that fit inside to form a separate boxed-in environment go well with the windows. Anything can be put in the boxes, but some traditional and well-known examples are:

  • House all 12V equipment, including plugs, inverters, compressors, displays, gauges, battery management, and any additional accessories.
  • Things you need quick, simple, and regular access to are called "quick stop items."
  • Have all of your coffee, tea, and even condiments on hand so they are simple to access when needed (like in the early mornings!).
  • General space for hats, towels, etc.

LHS or RHS window boxes are available. Simple installation - each box just needs 5 holes to be drilled inside the car, and it uses some already-existing threaded points to fasten itself. A gullwing window box is a genuinely old school way to store your essentials close at hand and it has an elegant wooden finish.

Front Runner Gullwing Windows:

The Front Runner gullwing windows are of the highest calibre; they come in LHS and RHS, are easy to reach, lockable, and simple to install (just drilling is needed).

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