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Outback Equipment carries a quality selection of caravan TV antennas (aerials), to ensure you get the best possible reception on your travels, all available to buy online for fast delivery Australia wide.  Your caravan is an exciting place to go with the family or friends on the weekends, and it’s your mobile home! So, it makes sense that you would equip your motorhome with the full gamut of gadgets. Once you’ve got the air conditioner working well, and the NutriBullet is ready to go in the kitchen, it makes sense to turn your attention to your viewing device - namely your TV.

You might have already purchased the HD TV and installed the set top box, but how do you make sure that you get the right caravan antenna to ensure you get the clearest picture - always?

There are a couple of considerations that you need to consider when you’re installing your new caravan and camping antenna.

Outdoor TV Antenna Frequency Range

The channels that you’re going to be watching are making their way into your lounge room through either UHF or VHF transmissions. When you’re in a major town, it’s most likely that you’ll be picking up VHF frequencies, and then when you’re travelling through or staying in smaller towns and the remote parts of Australia, you’ll pick up UHF. As a result, you need to make sure that the caravan antenna that you purchase has the ability to do it all!

Happily, our whole range can certainly pick up all the frequencies you like, as well as some antennas that pick up FM radio reception and digital signals too, like the Happy Wanderer Pop Top antenna or the Winegard Freevision antenna.

Signal Strength and Direction: Camping Antenna

When you think about antennas like the ones you have at home, these antennas are angled such that they are geared to get the channels for the shows you want to watch. Your caravan antenna is slightly different but is designed so that it can boost the available signal and can receive antenna signals from all directions.   

How to Mount Your Antenna

Once you have chosen your outdoor TV antenna and decided where you want to install your TV antenna for caravan mounting, you need to think about how you’re going to make it safe for travel as well as for using when you’re stopped. Some antennas don’t need any hand cranking or aiming, like the Winegard Roadstar 2000.

Do You Need Amplification?

In some of the antenna models available online, they require amplification in order to get the kind of signal that you are after. With some models like the Jack Antenna, you will enjoy superior reception coverage and wonderful receiving of UHF channels. The model comes with a built-in amplifier which works to give you a strong signal no matter where you are in the country - from the wide open deserts of South Australia through to the lazy brown waters of the Murray River.

Final Tips for Caravan TV Antennas

The best way to ensure that your caravan antenna is going to do the job it should is by testing it out on the open road. Find out if you need an amplifier by getting out there into the wild and then trying for the channels. As if you ever need an excuse to get out in the RV though, right? You can improve your reception by investing in a signal finder, or by simply raising your antenna a bit. Keep the antenna in good condition, and you’ll enjoy many years of happy TV watching to come. 


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