Doors & Hardware

Doors & Hardware

If you’ve got the rig, we’ve got the hardware to give it those final touches. Outback Equipment stocks a wide range of high-quality caravan accessories, doors and hardware for your recreational vehicle.

Our caravan accessories are designed to keep you organised, comfortable and safe on your travels.

Find the perfect caravan door, caravan door handle, caravan cupboard latches and more to make your RV feel like home.


Caravan Doors

If you’ve got an empty nook in your caravan, why not add a caravan door and make some much-needed storage space? Our caravan doors and caravan hatch doors are the perfect way to close off a cavity and create an instant storage cupboard. They feature effective door seals for easy installation and locks and keys to keep your belongings secure. They’re available in eight different sizes to suit any space in any recreational vehicle.

We also have replacement caravan doors, caravan door handles and caravan door hinges to keep everything in perfect working order.


Caravan Accessories

Get the gear you need to keep your caravan or RV comfortable with our massive range of caravan accessories. We offer heaps of caravan hardware such as caravan cupboard latches and other handy bits and pieces to keep your cabin in top nick.

You’ll also find comfort items like a caravan shower box and handy caravan mosquito nets to keep the mozzies from buzzing around your head all night.

Whatever you’re after, we’ve got the goods to create the caravan of your dreams.


Why shop with Outback Equipment?

  • We’re Australian owned and operated – We’re based right here in the south of Brisbane. If you ever need help with an order or a product, you can call straight through to our friendly local team.
  • Plenty of payment options – You can pay via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, zipMoney, Afterpay, and direct deposit – whichever is most convenient for you.
  • Delivered to your door – You don’t have to worry about darting across town to grab your order. We deliver your goods straight to your door to save you time and energy.


Order Your Caravan Doors and Hardware Today

Complete your caravan or motorhome with top-quality caravan doors and caravan accessories from Outback Equipment. Shop online to find the finishing touches for your recreational vehicle today.

$4.95 $4.00

SKU: 008089-A

13mm Nickle Catch Set


SKU: 008097-A

Back Catch Large


SKU: 008054-A

Butt Hinge 50mm


SKU: 008055-A

Butt Hinge 70mm


SKU: 008019-A

Butt Hinge Nylon 51mm


SKU: 008036-A

Butterfly Hinge Brass Plated

$67.49 $57.99

SKU: 400-03030

Camco Fold Away Grab Handle - Black

$67.49 $57.99

SKU: 400-03032

Camco Fold Away Grab Handle - White


SKU: 014384-A

Camec 3P Door - Main Lock L/H.


SKU: 014385-A

Camec 3P DR - Main Lock R/H Hinge


SKU: 008034-A

Camec Butterfly Hinge

$183.60 $170.49

SKU: 600-00022

Coast Door 2 - Black 415 X 681 (M500-210)

$169.06 $145.99

SKU: 600-00024

Coast Door 3 - Black 415 X 581 (M500-220)

$169.06 $160.59

SKU: 600-00004

Coast Door 3 - White 415 X 581 (M500-120)

$209.96 $175.99

SKU: 600-00006

Coast Door 4 - White 566 X 631 (M500-130)

$196.33 $179.29

SKU: 600-00028

Coast Door 5 - Black 288 X 953 (M500-240)

$196.33 $179.29

SKU: 600-00008

Coast Door 5 - White 288 X 953 (M500-140)

$150.88 $129.99

SKU: 600-00030

Coast Door 6 - Black 288 X 653 (M500-250)

$150.88 $129.99

SKU: 600-00010

Coast Door 6 - White 288 X 653 (M500-150)

$219.05 $179.99

SKU: 600-00032

Coast Door 7 - Black

$219.05 $181.49

SKU: 600-00012

Coast Door 7 - White 239 x 661mm C8549C (M500-160)

$219.05 $179.99

SKU: 600-00034

Coast Door 8 - Black Tunnel Boot Arch Side Door 439 X 661

$328.12 $239.99

SKU: 600-00036

Coast Door 9 - Black C8550F

$328.12 $219.99

SKU: 600-00016

Coast Door 9 - White Stipple. C8550e


SKU: 008081-A

Cupboard Catch


SKU: 008078-A

Cupboard Catch Brown-2 Part (1222)


SKU: 008063-A

Cupboard Catch Female Section White Nylon


SKU: 008072-A

Cupboard Catch Gold (H025)


SKU: 008080-A

Cupboard Catch Long Stem (1269B)