Caravan Windows, Doors, Hatches & Vents

In the outback, a closed-off caravan can cook you like the Sunday roast. Especially with the Aussie sun fuelling the fire, it can be enough to send the most avid explorer into hiding. So if you’re thinking of taking your caravan anywhere across this Great Sandy nation, you’ll want to fit a caravan door, vents and hatches.


Caravan Windows & Shades

Caravan windows can offer plenty more than just a little relief from the sweltering heat. After all, no one goes into the outdoors so they can have a great view of their kettle and stove. You head out for that breathtaking view of this staggering country. From Byron to Steep Point, we’ve got some of the best scenery this great blue marble can offer.

But when it comes time to trade the sights for shade, you’ll want an Outback Equipment caravan window awning handy. Fitted to suit any sized window, you can enjoy the best views and as much sneaky shade as you see fit.

And if your caravan windows and shades need any repairs, maintenance or spare parts, you can guarantee Outback Equipment can get them for you. From curtain runners to screw hooks, we have everything you’ll need to keep your windows and shades in prime form.

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Caravan Doors, Locks & Hinges

Don’t let strangers pop in and say g’day. With Outback Equipment’s range of caravan door locks, you can keep nature out when you head out into nature. Made from the best materials, you can rely on your caravan lock to keep you and your stuff safe on your next adventure.

But don’t let a little bit of security turn your home away from home into a stark jail cell. The caravan locks and hinges on our website can keep your camper looking stylish, thanks to the classic butterfly hinges.

And if you need a little extra storage (or simply want to keep your belonging a little more secure), you can always add a lockable door. These slick little doors can keep the right gear in and the wrong people out, thanks to the tough lock mechanisms. For any caravan park campers in a new neck of the woods, you can trust that your most precious stuff will be right where you left it.

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Caravan Hatches & Vents

Whether you’ve set up camp or you’re still on the road, it’s important to keep your camper as cool as possible. After all, you’ve probably got a fridge or cold box on board, and unless you get a real kick out of watching your energy costs soar, you’ll probably want to keep the cabin chilly.

With caravan vents installed, you can keep the temperature under control – even in the north of this toasty nation. And if you want a little extra ‘grunt’ to your cooling, the powered extraction fan can force air flow when there’s no breeze about.

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So what are you waiting for? Give your caravan the best with the Outback Equipment range of gear today!


SKU: 014385-A

Camec 3P DR - Main Lock R/H Hinge

$160.00 $115.99

SKU: 650-00090

Ventline 14" X 14" Vent With 12V Fan 38 V2094

$145.00 $87.99

SKU: 008589-A

Jensen Roof Vent 12v 14x14in White Metal Base

$183.60 $170.49

SKU: 600-00022

Coast Door 2 - Black 415 X 681 (M500-210)

$183.60 $170.49

SKU: 600-00002

Coast Door 2 - White 415 X 681 (M500-110)


SKU: 016466-A

Aluminium Vent 210mm x 381mm Stucco White


SKU: 016470-A

Aluminium Vent 286mm x 572mm Stucco White


SKU: 016452-A

Aluminium Vent 95mm x 190mm Smooth White

$550.00 $399.99

SKU: 044479-A

Camec 4 Seasons Hatch With Tape

$196.33 $179.29

SKU: 600-00008

Coast Door 5 - White 288 X 953 (M500-140)


SKU: 040694_650-02012

Fiamma Hatch white - 400mm x 400mm

$96.16 $79.99

SKU: 650-00080

Ventline 14" X 14" Vent V2092SP-33 (No Fan)


SKU: 008089-A

13mm Nickle Catch Set


SKU: 016483-A

Aluminium Vent 629mm x 572mm Smooth White

$67.49 $57.99

SKU: 400-03030

Camco Fold Away Grab Handle - Black

$150.88 $129.99

SKU: 600-00030

Coast Door 6 - Black 288 X 653 (M500-250)

$515.00 $439.99

SKU: 043516-A

Fantastic Vent 2250 Manual White Lid

$437.75 $367.99

SKU: 650-03010

MaxxFan Plus with Thermostat & Manual Lift 0400KI


SKU: 007971-A

Plastic Vent RL3

$69.95 $59.99

SKU: 016554-A

Scupper Vent - Large White

$135.00 $119.99

SKU: 016595-A

Access Hatch 270mm x 370mm