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Light your way with our Driving Lights

Outback Equipment stocks a huge range of LED spotlights & lightbars for your 4x4, from all the best brands including Lightforce, Hard Korr, Narva & more. 

You don’t need to be Ned Kelly to know the Outback’s got its challenges. Around every corner, there’s a roo just waiting to pounce at your 4x4. Or there’s a pothole threatening to snap your suspension in half like an old biscuit. Maybe it’s just a thick tree branch blended into the trail you’re travelling. Whatever the threat, a quality set of LED spotlights for your 4x4 can keep you out of trouble.

And to make sure you’re always getting the best results and safety from your lighting, Outback Equipment’s got the best ranges and brands in stock. So if you’ve got a cheeky few minutes up your sleeve, take a gaze through our top-class collection of LED spotlights engineered for 4x4s.

Why LED Spotlights Are Important for Off-Road driving

An LED light isn’t like your old-fashioned bulbs. Your old CLF bulbs basically had two metal sticks and a special gas inside, and when they heated up, they pushed out light. A lot of power was wasted just in heating up the sticks, and it basically just sent light everywhere.

Until one bright spark worked out that if you layer enough special metals together and run a current through, they’ll emit WAY more light. And the better news was that they used far less power, and the light was directed to wherever the metals were facing. So if you needed a specific point to be targeted with light, you didn’t need a little house full of mirrors anymore.

There’s a big reason why you want LED lights when you’re off-roading. It’s not likely you’re driving over something like abandoned mattresses, or around the marshmallow factory. More often than not, you’re going to cop a bumpier ride than a tick on a kangaroo. And your average light bulbs, well, they’re just not built for that sort of use.

There’s no delicate metal sticks generating light. There’s no secret gasses making it all work. The core ingredient is a big slab of metal, which makes it durable. So if you’re planning on fitting spotlights to your 4x4, you’re going to want LED.

LED Spotlight Brands

We’ve got all the best brands of 4x4 LED spotlights to guarantee they make it through your trip safely. From Thunder to Lightforce Genesis, you know that the lights you grab from Outback Equipment have been engineered for whatever mischief you’ve got planned.

To stay safe on your off-roading adventures, get yourself a set of LED spotlights for a 4x4 in our range below.