Caravan & RV Awnings

Deep down, every Aussie loves a cheeky bit of shade.

As much as we enjoy this sun-drenched nation, it definitely got the ‘drenched’ bit right. With the right caravan awnings, you can finally soak in the outback – without the outback sun.

Whether it’s sun or rain you need a break from, you’re bound to need something both speedy and durable. Every single awning in our range goes up faster than the temperature in Tennant Creek. But better yet, each one has been built to survive the drive there too.

From the biggest roll out awnings to the smallest window awnings, we’ve got the lot. Check out the Outback Equipment range of all things awnings.


Our Caravan Awnings Brands

Never risk a dodgy lid when you’re headed out into the outdoors. After all, it doesn’t take much more than a bump in the road to send some awnings bouncing off like a busting kangaroo.

We’ve got all the top brands covered, like Carefree and Fiamma. That way, you know that wherever you go, your cover is coming with you.


Types of Caravan & RV Awnings

There’s more than enough types of caravan awnings to suit any setup. If you’ve already got some of the kit and caboodle, you can pick up an awning without the arms included. Or, if you’re just getting started, you can grab a kit with the lot included.

Roll out caravan awnings

You didn’t buy a caravan to set up a tent every time you want a break from the sun. That’s why a roll out caravan awning can come in handy. Just give it a nudge, pull it into place, and there it is! No hassle, no messing around with fiddly legs and pieces, no battles with pegs. They couldn’t be simpler.

Caravan window awnings

If you’re headed anywhere warm or sunny, you’ll at least want the option of blocking out the sun from the windows. Sure, curtains on the inside can help – but they’ll either block the breeze or flap around wildly. A roll out window awning can deliver the comfort of shade with the coolness of a breeze.

Box awnings

A top-quality box awning can take your entire outdoor setup and keep it cosy in its own case. No need to store a big, invasive tent setup in your caravan or RV. Everything from the cover to the legs can be stored straight in an included, space-saving case.