Brake Systems

While we all want to keep moving onto the next adventure, it’s important to ensure we can safely slow down. Whether you’re hauling a caravan, boat or trailer, you can keep your braking in check with Outback Equipment’s range of brake systems.

Every brake system we source is suitable for both Aussie highways and inland getaways. That means you can drive with confidence by choosing any of the products below.


All the Best Brake Systems for Your Vehicle

We’re always keeping an eye out for new products to grow our stock. But if you can’t find the specific part you need, contact our friendly team. We’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

Brake Controllers

If you’re using electric trailer brakes to slow down the caravan or boat you’re towing, you’ll need an electric brake controller installed in your vehicle. We stock reliable brake controllers you can easily mount onto your dashboard. With the ability to sync to different towing amounts and the feature of digital displays, high-quality brake controllers let you correctly control and monitor your braking.

Breakaway Systems

A loose trailer is a scary concept. But if it does ever happen to you, it’s good to know you’ve installed a breakaway system to minimise the dangers – quickly slowing your trailer down to a stop. Our systems work with both single- and double-axle trailers. The installation is extremely easy, as there’s no drilling or cutting needed. Just mount it directly onto the frame of or a pole on the trailer.


Why Buy Your Brake Systems from Outback Equipment?

A Huge Range of Stock

We have a high-quality collection of brake systems and parts to sort out your towing needs. And while the range is big, it’s also quality controlled to ensure only the best systems will be installed on your assets. We care about your safety on the road, so we put great care into sourcing the finest parts.

Aussie Owned and Operated

Every city and town in Australia has its unique weather patterns. From the blistering heat of the Outback to the big storms in the north, we’re well aware of what you might be adventuring into. We know that because we live here too. Operated by Aussies who love the outdoors, Outback Equipment makes sure the products we stock are suited to all weather extremes.

Brake Systems Delivered to Your Door

All you need to do is order your brake system or part online. We provide a secure delivery service that moves your new items right up to your front door.

Plenty of Payment Options

You’re in charge of how you pay. By going through our safe checkout system, you’ll have the option of paying with:

  • PayPal
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  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


Order Brake Systems to Suit Your Vehicle Today

Keep yourself, your family and other drivers safe with a brake system you can rely on from Outback Equipment. Check out the full range online and order the system you need today!


SKU: 040752-A

Brake Controller Sentinel

$328.00 $274.99

SKU: 038367_350-01240

Brake Controller Tekonsha P3 90195

$149.00 $144.99

SKU: 000947_350-01232

Brake Controller Voyager 9030

$26.31 $22.90

SKU: 350-01285

Breakaway Coil Cable with Pin And Release Clip

$489.00 $429.98

SKU: 000942-A

Breakaway Kit 6000XP Breaksafe

$31.95 $25.99

SKU: 000938_350-01250

Breakaway Switch Tekonsha Model 2010

$140.00 $139.99

SKU: 040119-A

Breakaway System Camec Single Or Dual Axle


SKU: 000941_350-01276

Breaksafe Battery 4024


SKU: 350-01280_000940

Breaksafe Breakaway System 6000

$86.95 $68.99

SKU: 039363-A

Breaksafe Remote Monitor RM6000

$285.00 $249.99

SKU: 529022

CURT Spectrum-2 Brake Controller


SKU: 350-01215

Hayman Reese (New) Brake Controller Electronic. 05350

$286.00 $269.99

SKU: 042927-A

Hayman Reese Compact Brake Controller

$305.00 $217.99

SKU: 350-01218

Hayman Reese Compact Iq Proportional Brake Controller


SKU: 042758-A

Hopkins Engager™ LED Test Break-Away Kit

$147.50 $139.90

SKU: 450-11002

Lippert LCI 10" Elec-Brake HUB Drum - 6-Stud Landcruiser PCD

$205.00 $189.90

SKU: 450-11004

Lippert LCI 12" Elec-Brake HUB Drum - 6-Stud Landcruiser PCD

$149.00 $139.99

SKU: 450-11010

Lippert LCI Complete 10" L/H Elec-Brake Assy Plate

$149.00 $139.99

SKU: 450-11012

Lippert LCI Complete 10" R/H Elec-Brake Assy Plate

$169.00 $159.99

SKU: 450-11014

Lippert LCI Complete 12" L/H Elec-Brake Assy Plate

$169.00 $159.99

SKU: 450-11016

Lippert LCI Complete 12" R/H Elec-Brake Assy Plate


SKU: 000951_350-01320

Prodigy 3Ft Harness Kit for Brake Controller 90185

$159.95 $125.99

SKU: 350-01232

Tekonsha 9030 Voyager 12v Brake Control 2&4 Wheel

$118.50 $99.99

SKU: 350-01252

Tekonsha Breakaway Switch With Abcd Charger

$26.50 $22.99

SKU: 350-01320

Tekonsha Prodigy Harness Kit 7894


SKU: 350-01300

Tekonsha Prodigy Mounting Bracket


SKU: 350-01310

Tekonsha Prodigy Pocket Mount Kit