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Batteries are, without a doubt, the most important component of your off-grid setup or RV. Although camping without electricity is doable, not everyone feels the urge to go full Bear Grylls. Outback Equipment has the widest selection of batteries in a variety of sizes to meet everyone's needs. There's a battery to suit any need, whether it's for powering an off-grid tiny house or just a power pack to get you through a hike.

Power Stations & Portable Batteries

On road trips, the need for a portable power station and portable batteries is obvious, since there will always be moments when you won't be able to carry a vehicle with you but still want to be able to enjoy all the conveniences of 12v gadgets. Choose from Companion, Projecta, Hulk, Dometic, Thunder, and Coast to Coast portable power packs.

Lithium-ion Batteries vs. AGM/Gel Batteries

It is the primary difference in terms of upfront cost. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, have grown in popularity in recent years as they have gotten more affordable. In this comparison, we'll show you how investing in lithium batteries can save you money in the long term. To begin with, AGM batteries are less expensive since the ingredients used in their manufacture are less expensive and more commonly available. Lithium batteries require more expensive ingredients, and the essential element, lithium, is becoming increasingly scarce. The biggest advantage of lithium batteries over AGM batteries is their long life: In the long term, the more you discharge an AGM battery, the fewer cycles it has.

To optimise their cycle life, AGM batteries should only be discharged to 50% of their capacity, which means that if you want more power, you'll need more batteries wired into a battery bank. Which entails higher up-front costs and a significant increase in weight. With a depth of discharge of roughly 80-90 percent, a lithium (LiFePO4) battery has a substantially longer cycle life, requiring less batteries to attain your desired capacity. That is, there will be less weight, less space, and greater power.

While lithium batteries appear to have numerous advantages, AGM batteries have proven beneficial in a variety of conditions, including the ability to charge in freezing temperatures, with certain AGM batteries outperforming others. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, require temperature management in sub-zero temperatures. Because lithium batteries do not contain lead acid, they are typically half the weight of AGM batteries. As a result, lithium batteries can help you conserve space and weight in your RV or caravan. As a result, we recommend AGM batteries for those who only use their RV a few times a year and lithium batteries for those who plan to stay off the grid for an extended period of time.

Battery Boxes

We propose installing a battery box as part of your 12v electrical set up if you're seeking for an easy solution to safeguard your deep cycle or lithium battery in your recreational vehicle. Investing in a battery box that has already done the difficult job of wiring up the 12v outlets and two USB ports for you is one of the simplest ways to expand your power outlet options. You may have infinite power for days at a time with simply a set of portable solar panels, a lithium battery, and a Hard Korr battery box, giving you the freedom to operate as many items as you like, such as a phone, a speaker, and a refrigerator all at once.

Battery Trays

Outback Equipment will keep your trips energised — without the fear of a dead battery. Our large selection of battery trays and battery brackets are all custom-made for specific 4x4 brands and models or for universal usage, allowing you to properly store your second battery. A tray and spare battery will enough to keep your fridge running while you're deep in the Outback or your work lights on while you're busy working. Securing your second battery ensures that it is kept safe and won't cause damage to the vehicle's components. We carry heavy-duty battery trays from well-known manufacturers like Projecta and Front Runner, so you can drive with peace of mind.

We stock everything you will need to hook up a dual battery in your vehicle including battery cables, battery monitors, battery terminals, battery clips and much much more. Feel free to browse our huge range of batteries and accessories below.

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