Caravan & Camper Privacy Screens

As much as you’ll want to soak in the staggering scenery of this incredible nation, you don’t want prying eyes peering in. So to keep your private space private, get yourself a caravan privacy screen from Outback Equipment.

From the sun-smart to the super-secretive, there’s a caravan awning privacy system for everyone. And that goes for all vehicles – from those massive American RVs to your Nan’s old camper.


Benefits of a Caravan Privacy Screen

If you’ve ever been in the outback or a caravan park, you’ll know just how important it is to have a caravan awning privacy screen. But in case you haven’t, we can share plenty of reasons why it’s one of the most important accessories to bring along.

A little bit of privacy

You don’t plan a getaway so people can keep an eye on you. In fact, the best part about getting away is forgetting the rest of the world exists – and settling into nature. So unless you like being on display like meat at the deli, you’ll want to add some sort of caravan privacy screen to your system.

Keep that slippery sun out

Oh boy, that gassy ball of fire sure knows how to pack a wallop. And with all the fans and air-con in the world, you’re going to struggle to compete against direct sunlight. That’s why our sunscreen caravan shade walls have been engineered to soak up around 90% of the sun’s UV rays. You can save money running your fridge, keep your camper cool, and keep yourself from going full-tomato.

A screen to suit all sizes

It doesn’t matter what caravan you’re bringing along; we’ve got the screen to suit. From rolling palaces to a lid glued on your old box-trailer, we can always fit the perfect shade to your caravan. We’ve got caravan shade screens that go from under 3m to over 5m. So unless you’re driving around in the entire CSIRO, there’s bound to be one that fits your camper perfectly.


Types of Caravan Privacy Screens

Choosing the right caravan awning privacy screen isn’t as easy as you might think. It really comes down to whatever your needs are. If you’re on a campsite with your neighbours within high-five range, a privacy end might be your best bet. But if you’ve set up camp in the exact middle of nowhere, you’ll need something more focused on keeping the sun out.

We’ve got some of the best brands in caravan privacy screens, including:

  • Camec
  • Outback Equipment
  • Coast.

No matter what your caravan shade screen needs are, find the right one in the Outback Equipment range.


SKU: 200-09202_2PACK

2 X Coast V2 Sunscreen Side Wall For Pop-Top

$103.80 $77.99

SKU: 200-09215

Black Side Sunscreen for Caravans


SKU: 050275-A

Camec Privacy End - Caravan 2.1 X 2.05m

$80.78 $77.99

SKU: 200-09300

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W2220mm X H2050mm

$93.27 $85.99

SKU: 200-09304

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W3060mm X H2050mm

$98.73 $87.99

SKU: 200-09306

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W3380mm X H2050mm



Caravan Awning Privacy Screen End

$104.54 $75.99

SKU: 200-09212

Coast V2 Sunscreen Side Wall For Full Van.

$93.16 $74.99

SKU: 200-09202

Coast V2 Sunscreen Side Wall For Pop-Top

$92.40 $84.99

SKU: 200-09002

Coast V2 Sunscreen W2805mmxH1800mm - Suits 10' Rollout Awning

$103.40 $87.99

SKU: 200-09012

Coast V2 Sunscreen W3110mmxH1800mm - Suits 11' Rollout Awning

$114.40 $84.99

SKU: 200-09022

Coast V2 Sunscreen W3415mmxH1800mm - Suits 12' Rollout Awning

$122.55 $86.99

SKU: 200-09032

Coast V2 Sunscreen W3720mmxH1800mm - Suits 13' Rollout Awning

$133.30 $102.49

SKU: 200-09042

Coast V2 Sunscreen W4025mmxH1800mm - Suits 14' Rollout Awning

$142.11 $105.99

SKU: 200-09052

Coast V2 Sunscreen W4330mmxH1800mm - Suits 15' Rollout Awning

$149.91 $109.99

SKU: 200-09062

Coast V2 Sunscreen W4635mmxH1800mm - Suits 16' Rollout Awning

$157.70 $115.99

SKU: 200-09072

Coast V2 Sunscreen W4940mmxH1800mm - Suits 17' Rollout Awning

$165.55 $126.99

SKU: 200-09082

Coast V2 Sunscreen W5245mmxH1800mm - Suits 18' Rollout Awning

$114.40 $89.99

SKU: 200-09112

Front Sunscreen To Suit Fiamma And Carefree 3.5m Box Awning

$92.40 $82.99

SKU: 200-09102

Front Sunscreen To Suit Fiamma And Carefree 3m Box Awning

$133.30 $107.99

SKU: 200-09122

Front Sunscreen To Suit Fiamma And Carefree 4m Box Awning

$79.99 $42.99


Outback Explorer Privacy End - Poptop 2.1 X 1.8m