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A Wide Range of Camping Tables and Chairs

We’ve got a massive range of camping tables and camping chairs to get your gear up to scratch to make your next trip a smash hit.

Folding Camping Tables

If you’ve packed the kitchen sink or you simply don’t have that much room in the boot, a folding camping table is a must. It’s the same surface area, the same use, and the same materials as a regular dining table, but it needs a fraction of the storage space.

Fold Away Tables 

Tables that can be installed on the side of your RV or caravan are ideal for optimising your outdoor cooking space. They fold away for space-saving convenience and don’t require being stored inside the vehicle. Easily mounted with hand tools Coast to Coast brings quality, long lasting storage solutions that can easily be attached to the side of your caravan without permanent alterations to your motorhome. With a range of uses and easy stowing, a fold away caravan table from Outback Explorer is a great addition to any camping set up as well.  

Small Camping Tables

Small camping tables are perfect when you’re getting away from the crowds, not bringing them. A small 2- or 3-person group doesn’t need a full dining suite or anything extravagant. A small camping table can offer all the space you’ll need without clogging your camp.

If you do have a big crowd, a sneaky table to the side can really come in handy. Whether it’s for food prep, scaling fish or board games, you’ll be glad you brought an extra little table.

Top-of-the-Range Camping Chairs

The moment you sit in a camping chair, you know full well whether it was cheap. The supports feel weak, the material feels like it’ll decay within a week, and there’s no cup holder.

That’s exactly what you won’t feel in our camping chairs. We only stock chairs with the best materials and the best feel. We’ve got freestyle rockers and director’s chair setups, so there’s a top-notch camping chair to suit everyone.

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