Adaptors, Leads, & Sockets

Adaptors, Leads & Sockets

Like to stay plugged in on the go? Outback Equipment stocks a huge range of quality adaptors, leads and sockets for your caravan, trailer or recreational vehicle. So whether you’re hooking your motorhome up to a powered campsite with a caravan power lead or you’re installing another caravan power socket so you can charge your phone while you make a cuppa, we’ve got you sorted.

Our caravan power cords and caravan power adaptors are Australian-approved and perfect for use on the road or at home with high-powered appliances.

Don’t get stuck in the dark. Find the right gear from Outback Equipment to safely and legally power your caravan or RV on the road.


Caravan Power Adaptors

We’ve got a caravan adaptor for every explorer. Our caravan power adaptors have been specifically designed for travellers, featuring a tough, compact style and strong weatherproof and impact-resistant materials – perfect for outdoor use.

The last thing you need is a power spike to bugger up your holiday and damage your expensive investment, so these caravan power adaptors also minimise the effects of a power surge to keep you and yours safe.


Caravan Power Leads

A top-quality caravan power cord (or two) is a must when you’re on the go. These bad boys keep you plugged in and powered up wherever you are. Heavy-duty and water-resistant, our camping power leads are manufactured to Australian standards and aren’t suitable for use with standard domestic power outlets.

Our caravan extension leads feature clear moulded plugs for easy safety inspection.


Caravan Power Sockets

Outback Equipment stocks a massive range of caravan power sockets including inlets and outlets to power your appliances and other electronic items. All our caravan power sockets are made tough for travellers, and our caravan external power sockets are weather-resistant, perfect for taking power to the outside of your rig.


Why shop with Outback Equipment?

  • We’re Australian owned and operated – If you ever need a hand with an order or product, you can call right through to our team in Brisbane. 
  • Plenty of payment options – Choose from PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, zipMoney, Afterpay, and direct deposit – whatever suits you.
  • Delivered to your door – Don’t have the time to pick up your new caravan power lead, adaptor or socket? No dramas. We can deliver your order to you to save you the time and effort.


Order Your Caravan Power Adaptors, Leads & Sockets Today

Find the right adaptors, leads and sockets for your caravan, trailer or recreational vehicle to stay powered up on your adventure. Shop the range at Outback Equipment today.

$29.94 $22.99

SKU: 500-03551

12m/15AMP Coast Heavy Duty Extension Lead

$38.94 $31.99

SKU: 500-03553

17m/15AMP Coast Heavy Duty Extension Lead

$42.20 $34.99

SKU: 500-05324

Accessory Socket Surface Black Mount Twin Sockets

$50.90 $34.99

SKU: 500-05332

Accessory Socket Surface Mount Twin Accessory

$42.20 $29.99

SKU: 500-05325

Accessory Socket Surface White Mount Twin Sockets

$98.89 $82.99

SKU: 500-04508

Amp-Fibian 15A Weatherproof Caravan Surge Protector S1000DX

$249.99 $199.99

SKU: 039929-A

Ampfibian RV-02 Max 10A-15A Power Adapter with RCD

$85.75 $46.99

SKU: 500-03030

Clipsal (New) White External 10 Amp Power Outlet. V415vfwe

$31.14 $19.99

SKU: 500-03122

Clipsal 438/32 Fixed Polarity Cord Socket Grey. Cli438/32gy

$17.60 $16.00

SKU: 500-03110

Clipsal 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable Surface Socket. 30tv75s

$126.04 $112.49

SKU: 500-03105

Clipsal Circuit Breaker (New) W/ Earth Leakage. Cli4rcbe216/30s

$17.46 $16.99

SKU: 500-03101

Clipsal Cover T/S Circuit Breaker 1mod Wide. 4cc1

$19.52 $17.99

SKU: 500-03102

Clipsal Cover T/S Circuit Breaker. 4cc2

$54.32 $44.99

SKU: 500-03208

Clipsal Double Pole Switch 30d White. Cli30dwe

$25.22 $21.99

SKU: 500-03032

Clipsal Flap T/S Clipsal New Style Outlet. 415vfflap

$31.18 $21.99

SKU: 500-03022

Clipsal Flap T/S New Style Inlet White. 435vfs15flap


SKU: 500-03002_005188

Clipsal Flap T/S Old Style Inlet. 435vf15flap


SKU: 005197_500-03012

Clipsal Flap T/S Old Style Outlet 10dwp. 10dwpflap

$10.45 $9.99

SKU: 500-03206

Clipsal Mounting Block White. Cli449awe


SKU: 005196_500-03010

Clipsal White External 10amp Power Outlet 3 Pin. 10dwp