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We all love getting out in the great outdoors, and being able to cycle around new destinations or on favourite classic tracks is part of the excitement of owning a bike.

Thanks to the sturdy bike rack and bike carrier solutions available nowadays, it’s possible for you to travel further and bike in new and exciting locations. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your precious bike is safe on the back of your car is worth it when you get to your destination with everything intact and ready to go.

We stock a range of Fiamma bike rack and bike carrier solutions – including covers – and we trust this range as a superior quality bike rack for your motorhome, caravan, campervan, van, SUV and in the garage.


Choosing a Bike Rack for Your Vehicle

When you are selecting a bike carrier for car or van use, you need to choose a bike rack that will suit your vehicle and your access needs. You need to think about how far and how often you are carrying your bikes. You also need to consider the types of bikes you are carrying, how heavy they are and how dirty they’ll be getting.

It’s important to consider how you want to carry your bikes (on the top of your vehicle? On the back?) and whether you want to have to take the front wheel off or leave it attached.

Are you carrying any other kind of sporting equipment? If so, how do you manage the load in the best way? 

These are all questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you purchase a bike rack for your vehicle.


Benefits of Having a Bike Rack

When you spend the money and invest in a quality bike rack, you are investing in a product that’s going to transport your beloved bikes from one place to another safely.

If you are used to putting your bikes in the back of your SUV or van, the benefits of a bike rack include not getting the inside of your car dirty! If you engage in the odd spot of off-road biking or a bit of downhill mountain biking, you will understand the importance of investing in a quality rack. Not only is a towbar bike rack easy to negotiate, but you can keep the dirt outside your car or van when you use a rack.


The Right Bike Carrier Makes All the Difference

Keep your bike secure as you travel, with the right bike carrier for the job. We have a range of racks to suit various applications and would love to help you with your bike transporting needs. With Outback Equipment, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your bikes are safe. Shop our range of exceptional bike racks below and rest easy knowing you’re investing in a quality product.


Why Outback Equipment

We love the great outdoors and enjoy getting out there to explore whenever we can. If you have any questions about our range of bike rack or bike carrier options, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask one of our friendly staff for advice on 1300 854 185. We would love to help you get further with a bike rack from our great range. 

$140.00 $129.99

SKU: 400-04650

Alu Star Bike Rack

$420.00 $415.99

SKU: 400-04602

Coast Adjustable Roof Rack Black


SKU: 350-06710

eTourer C1 E-Bike Urban Model - Metallic Orange


SKU: 350-06740

eTourer F1 Folding E-Bike STD Model - Matte Black


SKU: 350-06700

eTourer M1 E-Bike MTB Model - Black


SKU: 350-06722

eTourer S1 E-Bike Unisex Model - Black

$45.45 $32.99

SKU: 035382_350-02320

Fiamma Bike Block Pro 1 Red 110mm For Carry-Bike. 04133-01-

$39.05 $36.99

SKU: 350-02326

Fiamma Bike Block Pro 4 Red 530mm For Carry-Bike. 04133c01-

$73.02 $57.99

SKU: 350-02330

Fiamma Bike Block Pro D-1. 04133e01


SKU: 035333_350-02290

Fiamma Bike-Rack Rail 128cm W/Quick Strap. 98656-097

$639.00 $479.99

SKU: 350-02017

Fiamma Carry Bike 200D 2 Bikes. 02093-15

$19.10 $17.99

SKU: 350-02280

Fiamma Carry Bike 2pce Red Std Strip Kit. 98656-320

$51.95 $41.99

SKU: 035370-A

Fiamma Carry Bike Block 3

$349.99 $248.99

SKU: 001042_350-02022

Fiamma Carry Bike Caravan XL A 2 Bikes. 02094-23A

$1,059.00 $789.99

SKU: 350-02092

Fiamma Carry Bike DJ Ducato (After 06/06)

$495.00 $419.99

SKU: 350-02008

Fiamma Carry Bike XL A Pro 200 A Frame Mount 2 Bikes

$49.95 $42.99

SKU: 350-20124

Quick Fit Pro Bike Assist Ramp

$569.00 $529.99

SKU: 350-20106

Quick Fit Pro Bike Rack

$59.50 $52.99

SKU: 350-20120

Quick Fit XF Bike Assist Ramp

$699.00 $649.99

SKU: 350-20102

Quick Fit XF2 Folding Bike Rack

$799.00 $769.99

SKU: 350-20100

Quick Fit XF3 Folding Bike Rack

$110.00 $109.99

SKU: 400-04652

Super Bike Rack