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Air Compressor Hoses and Accessories for Your 4x4 

Browse our selection of air compressor hoses and accessories, designed to meet all your 4x4 needs. Our products ensure efficient and reliable air delivery for your compressor, making it easy to maintain optimal tyre pressure. With a range of high-quality fittings, extensions, and mounting brackets, you can count on durability and performance. Equip your 4x4 with the best tools and accessories to tackle any adventure. 

What are air compressor hoses used for? 

Air compressor hoses are used to deliver compressed air from the compressor to various pneumatic tools and accessories. They are essential for inflating tyres, powering air tools, and operating other air-driven equipment in industrial applications. 

What are the different size hose adapters? 

Hose adapters come in various sizes to fit different air hose and tool connectors. Common sizes include 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch adapters, which accommodate a wide range of air fittings and couplers for versatile connections. 

Why do I need hose reel? 

A retractable air hose reel keeps your workspace organized and prevents tangling, making it easier to store and access your air hose. It enhances safety and efficiency, especially when dealing with long or heavy-duty hoses. 

For a 4x4, a hose reel like the Tuff Terrain Compact Air Hose Reel is essential. It keeps your air hose neatly stored, prevents tangles, and makes it easy to access and use when inflating tyres or using air tools during off-road adventures. This compact reel is perfect for saving space and ensuring quick deployment in challenging environments. 

does air compressor hose length matter? 

Yes, air compressor hose length matters. Longer hoses can lead to pressure drops, reducing the efficiency of your pneumatic tools. Choosing the right length, such as a 10m or 20m air hose, ensures optimal performance without significant pressure loss.