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Portable Jump Starter

Being caught out without a jump starter is never a good feeling. A portable jump starter can make all the difference between getting on your way sooner and waiting around for the roadside assistance people to show up and help you!

If you’re a keen four wheel driver, you’ll know the importance of having a suitable arsenal at your disposal. Even if you’re not a four wheel driver and you just like to be prepared for every eventuality, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a portable jump starter.

If you don’t need a portable jump starter, then you definitely do need to carry jumper leads. So whether you want a jump starter power pack or charger leads, you’ll find it here.


Jumper Leads

When you are looking to buy jumper leads, you need to think about a few key things that are going to determine what kinds of leads you need to buy.

Length of leads

You need leads that are going to be long enough to reach between the two vehicles without being inconvenient. We stock a range of leads with a range of lengths, from 2.5 metres through to 4 metres. 


When you are buying new jumper leads, you want to make sure that the amperage is suitable for the type of vehicle you’re going to be jump starting. Our 100 and 200 amp jumper leads are suitable for 12V cars and for light commercial vehicles, while our 700 amp jumper leads are suitable for 12V cars, 4WDs and commercial vehicles.

Most of our leads (not all – but most, so be sure to check the description) come with built in surge protectors which are in place to protect your vehicle’s electronics and onboard computer system from power spikes while charging.


Jump Starter Power Pack

When choosing a jump starter, you need to make sure that the jump starter power pack is suitable for jump starting the type of vehicle you have. Our range of jump starters is designed for jump starting petrol and diesel engines and thanks to their easy-to-use controls, they are always going to be a handy thing to carry in your vehicle.


What size jump starter do I need?

When you’re looking to buy a jump starter 4X4 or jump starter for your vehicle, you need to be aware that they come in different sizes and require different cranking currents.

There is a wide variation between the different types of cranking current required by the different types of engines – but as a rough guide, we have looked at the cylinders of the engines below:


Petrol/Gas Engines

Four cylinder – 150-200A

Six cylinder – 200-250A

Eight cylinder – 250-300A


Diesel Engines

When you’ve got a diesel engine, you need a whole lot more cranking current than you do for a petrol engine of the same size. So the size of the battery amp for a diesel engine is as follows:

Four cylinder – 300-400A

Six cylinder – 400-500A

Eight cylinder – 600-700A


If you have any trouble selecting the right kind of jump starter, or if you want advice or guidance on any of our jump starter or jumper lead products, you can feel free to give us a call on 1300 854 185. We would love to help you to build the best possible self-rescue kit – and jumper leads and portable jump starters are definitely part of this.

$299.99 $265.00

SKU: KT120050-6M

1200 Amp Heavy Duty Jumper Lead - 6M

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SKU: KT120050

1200 Amp Heavy Duty Jumper Lead 4M



200amp Jumper Leads - Spike Guard



400amp Jumper Leads - Spike Guard



700amp Jumper Leads - Spike Guard

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SKU: KT72304

8000V/750A Jumper Leads with Anti-Surge Device - 3M

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Baintech Jump Starter

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Baintech Ultra-Capacitor


SKU: MCU1000

Battery Link Smart Charger 10000ma

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TAG Portable Jump-Starter & Multifunction Charger


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Thunder Lithium Jump Starter