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Headlight Protectors & Covers

Headlight protectors are an after-market modification that you can make to your vehicle to protect and prolong the life of your headlights. The range of headlight covers and headlight protectors from Outback Equipment work to provide a barrier between road debris and the headlight itself.

We are proud to sell headlight protectors made by Protective Plastics, a quality Australian company who provide top quality plastic headlight protectors. They have been providing these quality products for almost 30 years and have a great range of acrylic products to suit a range of vehicles.

Benefits of Headlight Covers

Headlight covers (also known as headlight protectors) are a very cost-effective way to protect your car or truck’s headlights. We stock a range of high-quality acrylic headlight protectors to provide a barrier which helps to reduce damage to the glass of your car, while also making the vehicle more beautiful!

Headlights are exposed to dust, stones, bugs and other flying objects that fly into the front of the car – often at great speed. Even if a collision with a flying object doesn’t crack your headlight, there is the possibility that small chips can occur which eventually cause fogging over time.

Dim headlights need to be replaced eventually and can diminish the look and appeal of your vehicle. Having headlight covers is a cheap and easy way to reduce damage to your headlights, and as anyone who drives off-road will know – they’re vital!

Beautiful Vehicle Appeal

When you have headlight covers, you enjoy a beautiful aesthetic addition to your vehicle. The appeal of a clear plastic covering on your vehicle is added to with the addition of other four wheel drive accessories, and if you’re serious about keeping your vehicle in great condition, it makes sense to invest in quality headlight covers.

Choosing the Right Headlight Protector for Your Vehicle

Headlight covers aren’t universal and are made for makes and models of vehicles. Feel free to browse our range of headlight protectors below and explore the range which suits your vehicle best. Our range of headlight covers suit Ford, Holden, Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles, as well as other popular four wheel drive models. Take a look at our range below!

Safety and Legal Issues

Our headlight covers are all clear, which means that they are safe to use on any kind of vehicle under any kind of lighting conditions. Some companies sell tinted headlight covers which are potentially dangerous as they reduce the visibility of your vehicle and headlights. For this reason, any kind of headlight covers that reduce visibility by more than 15% of your headlight beam are banned in Australia and should not be fitted to your vehicle. All of our headlight protectors are compliant with Australian law.

Easy to Install

Plastic covers are oh-so-easy to install! You simply mount them to the front of your vehicle and away you go. Shop our range below and discover the ease and convenience of plastic headlight covers for your vehicle. Next time you’re out on the road and you’re flicked by rocks from a truck or passing car, you can rest easy knowing that your headlights are totally protected. Now if they could just make something like this for the windshield…