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4x4 Roof Racks

If you've ever done any touring, you've probably noticed that most 4WDs are equipped with a roof rack system to transport all of the stuff required for the trip. But installing a set of 4WD roof racks, piling your gear onto them, and calling it a day aren't the only options for 4x4 roof racks. Below we'll chat about the many kinds of roof racks, roof rack mounting, roof rack weight restrictions, and what might happen if you mistakenly overload yours.

Types of 4x4 Roof Racks:

There are many different 4x4 roof rack alternatives available, but they all have the same objective: to increase the amount of storage space in your car. Some of them perform better than others, but they are all perfect for transporting everything from rooftop tents to mountain bikes.

Roof Rails vs. Roof Racks:

Unlike roof racks, roof rails don't run horizontally across your car - they are the most basic roof racks on the market and your options for what you can attach to roof rails may be limited. The main purpose of roof rails is to serve as a mounting point for your choice of their roof rack bars or a roof platform. 

For roof racks that will complement the appearance of your specific 4WD vehicle, search for universal ones or Front Runner. Rhino Rack also offers more roof rail alternatives.

Kits for roof racks:

Roof rack kits are available in a number of designs and come with everything you need to instal your roof racks yourself. They can transport heavier objects like kayaks, tents, bikes, and bags and are typically flat with bars that cross your vehicle. The Rhino Rack Pioneer platform or the Front Runner Rack Kits are by far our most popular roof rack systems. Most of these platforms come with a backbone that is mounted to the roof of the car with just a few drill holes, depending on the design and personal preference. Roof rack systems provide a much better load-bearing platform with a wider variety of accessories and more opportunities to rachet strap larger, difficult objects.

Roof Baskets for 4x4s:

Basically, they sound like what they do! Metal roof racks in the shape of baskets have high edges and mesh in the middle. They are far more practical than regular roof bars because you may carry a variety of gear in them. View our most popular MSA roof basket kits.

Complete Cages:

This style of 4x4 roof rack is bigger and more robust than a basket. This is the choice we advise if you are touring full-time or have a lot of equipment to transport, such as water tanks and extra fuel. To add additional support for larger goods, several of the roof platforms from Rhino Rack or Front Runner can be equipped with side rails, rear rails, and back rails. This implies that if you already have a platform, you do not need to remove it; instead, go through the selection of accessories.

Roof Racks: 4x4 vs. On-Road:

It's important to note that different roof racks have varying ratings. While roof racks with an off-road rating are safe to use on uneven, unpaved, and gravel roads, those with an on-road only certification should only be used on sealed highways.

Options for mounting a 4x4 roof rack:

The sort of roof racks you select and the layout of your vehicle are typically the deciding factors in 4x4 roof rack attachment. To avoid an unpleasant situation in the middle of your 4x4 touring, always measure the roof racks you intend to buy and make sure they will fit properly on your vehicle. When installed properly, roof racks won't damage your car and can be easily removed in the future. 

Installing your roof racks

All of the roof racks in our range can be easily installed by yourself with the instructions provided. Bolts and clamps are the most popular roof rack mounting methods for 4x4 vehicles. These methods are much more secure than roof racks that use straps that pass into the interior of your car. There are also roof racks that clamp around gutters on your car but if you discover that your 4x4 lacks gutters, you could be able to get roof racks that fasten to the roof in their place by navigating around the metal at the point where your doors close. Another choice is to fasten your racks to your car directly. If your roof racks slide about, they shouldn't be used for 4x4 touring.

Things To Bring On Roof Racks:

Due to their convenience, people often load everything that won't fit in their car onto roof racks, which is one of the problems we most frequently observe with them. This is a bad idea because roof racks are only intended to support a particular amount of weight, which is legally between 80 and 100 kg. If you overburden your roof racks, you run the danger of causing damage to your automobile (more on overloading issues soon). Determining your roof rack's weight limit is crucial. You are safe to transport bulky yet lightweight objects, depending on the type of roof racks you have fitted. Rooftop tents are OK as well because they are made to fit on the roof of your four-wheel drive vehicle. Roof racks can hold swags, tents, chairs, small toolboxes, solar panels, one or two jerry cans, surfboards, recovery tracks, tables, awnings, and tarps.

Why You Shouldn't Fill Your Roof Racks to the Max:

Putting too much weight on the roof racks of your 4x4 might cause a lot of issues. Your centre of gravity will be a problem, which is crucial for 4WDing. Your centre of gravity will be much higher if your roof racks are overloaded, which will make your car more difficult to control and increase the likelihood that it will topple over on rocky terrain. Additionally, it may put an excessive amount of strain on your 4x4, increase wind resistance, and negatively affect your fuel consumption. Sticking to your roof rack weight limit keeps you considerably safer because your car will be able to turn and bounce all day long without experiencing any problems.

Each vehicle will have a specified roof load limit - we recommend checking your manufacturers specifications before using your roof rack. 

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