Ultimate9 (formerly iDRIVE)

Ultimate9, formerly iDRIVE Australia, is considered one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of throttle controllers the world over. After assessing the competition, Ultimate9 knew there was room for improvement in the performance, intuitiveness, and overall durability of existing throttle controllers on the market. An intensive 18 months of research and product and business development led to the creation of Ultimate9's EVC Throttle Controller. By providing new points of reference for throttle mapping, the EVC throttle controller has given thousands of drivers complete control over the responsiveness of their vehicles making it Australia’s highest selling and most trusted throttle controller.  Their focus on quality and innovation was recognised with a Global Media Award at the 2018 Speciality Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas.

Outback Equipment offers Ultimate9 EVC throttle controllers that are suitable for an extensive range of vehicle makes and models, as well as EVC colour face plates to personalise your interiors.