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Caravan Roof Vent for ventilation and comfort

If you had to pick the most important aspect of travelling in caravan or motorhome, our number one choice would be airflow. Everything in your van requires a cool breeze to keep it running in tip top shape. Electrical systems, appliances, gas and much more, all need a stable air flow to not only keep motors running smoothly but are sometimes a legal requirement to ensure the safety of everyone using the RV. Airflow in a van is also essential to live! If you plan keeping mould at bay and wood rot to a minimum, installing one or two air vents near the shower or kitchen makes all the difference when travelling Australia.

Whether you’re after a transparent caravan hatch cover that lets in light and a breeze, or a motorised vent to get rid of shower steam, you can find it in our huge range of accessories. 

Our caravan hatch covers and vents are practical, easy to install, and have a low-profile design. We only source from suppliers we trust, so you can rely on your new parts to conquer the hottest of Aussie trips. 

Caravan 12-volt roof fans and hatch covers

The Australian sun has a nasty habit of turning caravans into ovens. Thankfully, there are caravan 12v roof fans and hatches designed to keep temperatures low inside your motorhome. Outback Equipment stocks a diverse range of hatches that serve different purposes – like the Camec Four Season caravan roof hatch that features a tinted skylight, roller blinds and several ventilation options. By far our most popular model, this two in one caravan roof hatch is a great addition to any motorhome or large van. If you're looking for a 12v fan that does everything, we highly recommend the Maxx Fan deluxe, with its handy remote and rain censored dome. This stylish and low-profile 12v roof vent fan is the ultimate choice for maximum air flow in every season.  

If you’re after a versatile hatch for other caravan applications, we stock different access hatches and service doors. These work great both inside and outside your caravan, giving you a convenient solution to accessing the important stuff without having to go digging around under the bed. They are also essential if you are looking to protect your valuable motorhome. Most insurance companies and gas certifications will require access to gas bottles from the outside, so be sure to install proper ventilation and if you can’t place your gas bottles near a back door, choose from a range of weatherproof and lockable caravan hatches. 

Caravan Vents 

Whether you’re after a constant flow of fresh air or something to extract shower steam, we stock a range of high-quality caravan vents that’ll do the job. Our extensive range of vents includes: 

  • Plastic louvre vents 
  • Fan-forced roof vents 
  • Scupper vents 
  • Rotary vents. 

While rotary vents make sure the air keeps flowing, scupper vents work to reduce the dust in your caravan when you travel along dirt roads. All caravan vents work differently, whether you’re parked up or on the move. Choosing the right product is essential for gas compliance and electrical components. So, if you’re not sure which vent is right for your trip, no problem. Our expert team is available to give you the advice you need to keep you safe and comfortable on your next adventure. 

Installation a caravan roof vent:  

Yes, the scary part about installing any 12v roof vent, caravan hatch cover or ventilation hatch is cutting holes in your motorhome. When done properly the benefits are truly worth it. Here are some quick tips to ensure the longevity of your vents: 

Choose your roof vent placement carefully – always consult an engineer or gas certifier before cutting holes.  

File down loose metal after carefully cutting hole to the size required in the instructions – most hatches will come with fold out templates 

Coat the exposed metal with rust protection paint 

Install hatch or vent – don't tighten screws too much as they will warp the metal and create gaps 

Use weather resistant sealant that won’t expand over time to waterproof or use butyl tape underneath if surface on the roof is uneven. 

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