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Caravan Vents & Hatches

Keep the cool air running on your next holiday with caravan vents and hatches from Outback Equipment. From travelling through the outback to cruising along the coast in summer, you can rely on our range to provide smart ventilation for your caravan.

Whether you’re after a transparent caravan roof hatch that lets in light and a breeze, or a motorised vent to get rid of shower steam, you can find it in our huge range of accessories.


All the Top Caravan Vents & Hatches

Our caravan vents and hatches are practical, easy to install, and look good. And we only source from suppliers we trust, so you can rely on your new parts to conquer the hottest Aussie trips.

Caravan Hatches

The Australian sun has a nasty habit of turning caravans into ovens. Thankfully, there are caravan hatches designed to keep temperatures low inside your motorhome. Outback Equipment stocks a diverse range of hatches that serve different purposes – like the Camec Four Season caravan roof hatch that features a tinted skylight, roller blinds and a number of ventilation options.

If you’re after a versatile hatch for other caravan applications, we stock different access hatches and service doors. These work great both inside and outside your caravan, giving you a convenient solution to your challenges.

Caravan Vents

Whether you’re after a constant flow of fresh air or something to extract shower steam, we have many caravan vents that’ll do the job. Our extensive range of vents includes:

  • Plastic louvre vents
  • Fan-forced roof vents
  • Scupper vents
  • Rotary vents.

While rotary vents make sure the air keeps flowing, scupper vents work to reduce the dust in your caravan when you travel along dirt roads. Not sure which vent is right for your trip? No problem. Our expert team is available to give you the advice you need to have your best adventure.


Why Buy Your Caravan Vents & Hatches from Outback Equipment?

A Huge Range of Stock

We’re obsessed with caravan upgrades. And our stock reflects that. With our range of caravan hatches and vents, you can find a part that’s the perfect size for your vehicle and does the job you need.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re here to help other travellers have the best experience outdoors. Based in Brisbane, our team is passionate about getting off the beaten track. So we know what it’s like to travel through Australia’s toughest spots.

Caravan Vents & Hatches Delivered to Your Door

We believe in trips to beaches and mountains, not trips to the store. That’s why we’re happy to provide delivery of any item you buy right to your door.

Plenty of Payment Options

From instant credit card payments to buy-now-pay-later payments, you can pay online with your preferred payment method. Choose from:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


Order Your Caravan Vents & Hatches Today

It’s easy to fill your caravan with more natural light and fresh air with smart vents and hatches from Outback Equipment. Prepare for your next trip by checking out our premium range today!


SKU: 650-00080

Ventline 14" X 14" Vent V2092SP-33 (No Fan)


SKU: 016597-A

Access Hatch 350mm x 590mm


SKU: 016472-A

Aluminium Vent 324mm x 381mm Smooth White


SKU: 016584-A

Insert Roof Cowl Medium - Large 150mm

$145.00 $94.99

SKU: 008589-A

Jensen Roof Vent 12v 14x14in White Metal Base


SKU: 650-00090

Ventline 14" X 14" Vent With 12V Fan 38 V2094

$550.00 $399.99

SKU: 044479-A

Camec 4 Seasons Hatch With Tape


SKU: 650-00070

Elixir Mini Vent Beige 18511 250x250mm

$399.00 $269.99

SKU: 008636-A

Fiamma Crystal Vent 50cm x 50cm Combi With Roller Blind


SKU: 040694-A

Fiamma Hatch white - 400mm x 400mm

$49.95 $48.99

SKU: 016543-A

Rotary Vent Plastic - Hodges


SKU: 650-04110

Rotary Vent Plastic White

$203.00 $179.99

SKU: 016536-A

12V Extract Fan & 10W Light

$135.00 $119.99

SKU: 016595-A

Access Hatch 270mm x 370mm


SKU: 016581-A

Ali Roof Cowl Small (75mm)


SKU: 016583-A

Aluminium Medium Roof Cowl (150mm)


SKU: 016585-A

Aluminium Roof Cowl Large 230mm (8)


SKU: 016456-A

Aluminium Vent 133mm x 190mm Smooth White


SKU: 016460-A

Aluminium Vent 210mm x 190mm Smooth White


SKU: 016462-A

Aluminium Vent 210mm x 190mm Stucco White


SKU: 016464-A

Aluminium Vent 210mm x 381mm Smooth White