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If you’re looking to go bush for a while and you’re not quite sure you are ready to be chucking bush poos yet, we highly recommend the luxury of bringing your own camping ensuite toilet tent with you. What is the difference between ensuite tents and shower tents. Below we explain some of the key features of our huge range of pop-up shower tents, standard shower tents and fast frame ensuites, so that you can find the best outdoor toilet tent to suit your needs. 

Pop up shower tents are quick and easy to erect. These shower tents are usually made from lightweight materials and are perfect for that little extra privacy without needing to spend too much. If you are heading out to do some camping in national parks or campgrounds. These ensuite tents are available in single and double, depending on the size of your travel party we recommend a single for shower or toilet purposes but if there are likely to be more people in your group the double ensuite tents makes a great solution to those busy morning routines. Being able to use one side of the ensuite  tent side for the shower and the other for the toilet makes this shower ensuite a very versatile product. Choose from the following ensuite tents that Outback Equipment stock: 

Ensuite tent features: 

Most of the standard features for ensuite tents are more for long term or long-distance travelling. The fast frame however can be used for weekend trips due to its sturdier build and can be set up faster, meaning that you can enjoy those precious hours you have away. A double ensuite tent will take slightly longer to erect, but you can enjoy a more comfortable shower and toilet tent that is separate. Make sure to peg down properly if the weather or wind picks up meaning it can be able to withstand more erratic weather conditions. The best of both worlds, the fast frame shower ensuite tents feature not only a higher quality, sturdier design. They are also able to erect significantly quicker that the standard ensuite tents, such as the pop-up versions. The fast frame set up the whole frame is connected to the inner of the tent meaning you do not have to worry about clips or slipping polls through material. It simply unfolds the frame and clicks everything in to place. The more premium ensuite shower tents come with an inbuilt, toilet roll holder, toiletry pouches and towel racks. The roofs are also well ventilated with mosquito mesh, to avoid condensation or odour.  

Taking care of your ensuite tent: 

Before packing up and putting away, ensure that it is dry and clean so the next time you use it there is little chance bacteria or mould will form. Clean with fresh and clean water to ensure longevity of products. Removable floors let you shower without it filling up or pooling in the bottom making the showering experience or toilet use later less annoying when packing up.  

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