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Outback Equipment carries a quality range of stretcher tents from Australia's best brands including OzTrail & Oztent. Starting at just $179, our stretcher tents are available to buy online for fast delivery anywhere in Australia. We offer a range of secure payment methods, an easy returns policy and expert advice via phone or live chat if you have any questions before purchasing. 

So you're looking for a tent but want to spice things up a bit? Perhaps you want to mix the best of both worlds after having numerous excursions with your swag tent and feel like it's time for something different. But which stretcher tent will work best for you? Here we will briefly describe a few key features of a stretcher tent and why we think they are making headway in the camping space. Firstly, you do have to ask yourself if stretcher tents are a reliable replacement for your tent or swag? We think so, and here's why:

What is a stretcher tent?

A stretcher tent is basically what you get if a swag, a tent and a camping stretcher had a baby. With an easy fold-out set-up, you can enjoy the benefits of sleeping off the ground, the lightweight material of a tent and all the cosiness of you would usually get from a swag in the one hybrid design.

Why are stretcher tents beneficial?

Without worrying that your stretcher tent would tumble over or collapse, you'll be free to turn over in your sleep or squirm around to find your torch because of the added benefit of being able to sit up. All of the stretcher tents and cots in our selection have a powder-coated steel structure, making them sturdy and long-lasting. Most stretcher tents can accommodate 1 person for sleeping, hence they are made to be durable enough to hold up to 150kg. They can therefore support the same weight as a standard, high-quality camp stretcher. 

How much time is required to erect a stretcher tent?

It only takes a few simple steps to set up a stretcher tent or cot: remove it from the bag, unfold the frame, extend it out, pop the fly over, and you're good to go! They also pack down just as quickly! Just be cautious when putting your tent stretcher or cot away to prevent the fabric from becoming trapped in the joints.

What kind of camping is most suited for stretcher tents?

A stretcher tent might be the perfect solution for you if you're searching for a simple choice for vehicle camping or for putting up in a different location every night. It's not the lightest option to use a stretcher tent. However, it will undoubtedly be more convenient because you won't have to spend valuable time pitching it, as you would with a tent or a swag with a stretcher. 

When it rains, can you use a stretcher tent?

A stretcher tent will repel a light sprinkle of rain because all models of the Oztrail or Oztent stretcher tent include a waterproof flap. When the weather is poor, some campers prefer to erect their stretcher tent underneath a tarp or the side awning of their car to avoid pooling in some parts. Water pooling will cause the fabric to stretch over time so it's important to keep out of torrential rain. 

Which stretcher tent is preferable, canvas or polyester?

Which one, synthetic or canvas stretcher tent, do we prefer? As a result of its increased breathability, canvas is a fantastic option for hot regions. In addition to being stronger and more resilient, canvas is also heavier, which may be a deal-breaker for some but will provide a better barrier against hot sun and heavy rain. Synthetic, on the other hand, is less breathable but a better choice for campers who are concerned about weight. There is probably no right or incorrect answer in this situation. It can simply come down to personal preference or the kind of camping environment you're in.

How much gear will a stretcher tent hold?

You'll probably be able to sit upright inside a stretcher tent if you're under 6ft. However, there won't be much extra room. Camping gear such as torch, electronics, water bottle, an extra coat, and perhaps your boots (if they're clean!) could fit in there but we don't recommend leaving shoes in tents. You can fit your shoes and luggage around the sides of the Oztent Bunker and Oztent Bunker Pro because they both offer storage space. When selecting a stretcher tent, you might want to keep that in mind if you want to keep your stuff near at hand. A stretcher tent differs from a swag in that regard since you cannot leave your bedding inside of a stretcher tent when you pack it up.

Exactly how cosy and toasty is a stretcher tent?

The base of the majority of stretcher tents will include a layer of cushioning that is about 1 cm thick. This padding isn't particularly comfortable on its own, nor will it provide any adequate insulation in extremely chilly conditions. Some individuals are content to use a stretcher tent with nothing more than a soft sleeping bag, but we advise adding a self-inflating mat or a layer of foam as it will provide you with enough comfort and insulation for a restful night's sleep outside.

What is better, a stretcher tent or a swag & stretcher?

Three major issues are voiced when a stretcher is used as the foundation for a swag:

  1. When it rains and the stretcher is too wide, water may collect underneath your camping swag.
  2. You won't be able to move around in your swag if the stretcher is too narrow.
  3. Sleeping on a stretcher with a support bar may be uncomfortable without padding.

Elevation off the ground is provided by a stretcher tent, making it simple to get out of bed each morning. Additionally, it does away with the problem of pooling and inflexible support bars. It might be challenging to find the best stretcher for your swag, and frequently there isn't an ideal alternative. Give a stretcher tent a try if you're having trouble choosing the correct stretcher or if you're just tired of carrying a swag and a stretcher around.

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