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Off-roading with GPS

If you’re planning on venturing off-road and into the great unknown, a little preparation will go a long way, and Hema Navigator will help get you there. Using a standard GPS might be sufficient when travelling along well-trodden ground, where an infrequent sign, or roadhouse might make an appearance. But when heading off-road you’re going to need the right technology to point you in the right direction.

Hema Maps have made a name for themselves by specialising in mapping Australia’s most remote roads. Evolving from digitally constructed traditional paper maps and atlases to developing comprehensive GPS systems. Hema Maps has utilised decades of experience and exploration into creating all-inclusive navigational technology. Not just a tool to keep you from getting lost, Hema GPS systems also offers content so adventurers have access to the important information they need, when they need it.

A Hema Navigator could be one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you should invest in before hitting the off-road. Whether you’re four-wheel driving, touring, camping, or caravanning, Hema navigation will ensure you have everything you need to know about your current location, right at your fingertips.

Hema Maps: A Brief history

Established in 1983, Hema Maps started out after identifying the poor quality in existing maps for much of Australia’s remote and rugged locations. In response to the need for more accuracy, they heavily invested in the then up-and-coming GPS technology in 1996 to painstakingly field check maps.

Time, knowledge, and improved technology eventually yielded Hema navigation hardware and software. This was a turning point as the capabilities of Hema Maps expanded and was translated to some of the best GPS technology, online and offline, making them the forefront of off-road navigation.

To maintain up-to-date and accurate location data, Hema’s map experts, also known as Hema Map Patrol, are dedicated to the job of mapping and exploring Australia’s best off-road destinations. Challenging, yes. Exciting, very much so.

Keeping Hema Maps’ mapping database current is an arduous task that involves personally tackling the rugged track of Australia’s roughest terrain for weeks at a time. But it is Hema Maps’ firsthand experience in data collection that keep off-road adventurers confident in the information that their Hema Navigators deliver.

Hema GPS Navigation

At Outback Equipment, we currently stock both the Hema Navigator HN7 and the highly popular, new and improved successor, the HX-1 Navigator. These models sit at very different price points, but considering the extensive inclusions of the newer HX-1 Navigator, it is easy to understand why.

Offering substantially more resources in relation to offline navigation and generally boasting better specs, many consider the HX-1 more bang for your buck. However, the HN7 is a straightforward and reliable tool that is significantly better than most standard GPS navigation. We also supply accompanying accessories for the HN7 to enable easy use of your navigator.

Regardless of the navigator you choose, you know you’re purchasing a reliable piece of equipment. The software is backed by the accurate and updated mapping database of over 690,000kms of tracks and 545,000km of unsealed roads travelled.

The Ultimate Off-Road GPS

Locally-based in Brisbane, Hema Maps is home-grown and trusted for their in-depth knowledge of the nooks and crannies of Australian off-roads. Having produced maps, atlases, guides, and digital navigation products for over 30 years, Hema Maps has firmly established themselves as masterful map makers. Their relentless pursuit for cartographic accuracy and continual updating processes has created a premium brand that is evident in every product from the Hema Maps range.