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4x4, 4WD & Heavy Duty Mud Flaps

There’s nothing better than getting the truck dirty when you’re out doing some off-roading, right? But while you’re navigating the track, you want to make sure that you’re protecting your vehicle. Whether you’re out there four wheel driving or cruising along the highway, you need mud flaps for your vehicle.

Quality mud flaps can make the difference between your chassis being flicked with mud, rocks, debris and other foreign objects as you drive along. And not just for when you are off road; a quality set of mud flaps can benefit your car as you drive along sealed roads, too.

You don’t want to be getting stones and other bits and pieces flicking onto your car, as over time they will cause problems with paint chips. From paint chips, rust can eventually build up, which can cause problems with your car.

The best protection against road debris and grime is mud flaps. While mud flaps don’t protect the entirety of your car, they do protect the area around the wheels which effectively keeps your car as clean as possible. Having mud flaps (rubber mud flaps or any other kind) is going to be a great investment for prolonging the life of your vehicle.

Benefits of 4WD Mud Flaps to Others

The mud flaps 4x4 drivers use aren’t just there to protect their car; they protect other people as well. If you have a big four wheel drive or truck and there are smaller vehicles travelling behind you, your mud flaps are going to stop water, mud and road grime from flicking up on their car. Muddy roads on a wet day are a recipe for disaster if you don’t have the right kind of mud flaps!

Plus, when you drive through puddles or water patches on suburban streets, you’re less likely to splash pedestrians if you have mud flaps.

Mud Flaps are Affordable

Whether you want heavy duty mud flaps or rubber mud flaps, they are an affordable solution for your vehicle. Our range of mud flaps doesn’t exceed $27 for a single mud flap, so you can kit your entire vehicle out (front and back tyres) for just over $100.

That’s not a huge expense when you consider the cost of rust and other issues that can arise from rocks and other items being flicked onto your vehicle. As a rule of thumb, when you have mud flaps, they must usually cover the width of the tyre and should hang low enough to cover three-quarters of the tyre. If you have been thinking about getting new mud flaps or are buying a vehicle and want to make sure you stay safe on the road, then you need to shop our range of quality mud flaps now!

Why Outback Equipment

We are a 100% Australian owned company with a passion for all things outback. We love getting outdoors and wanted to bring a range of quality outback equipment that would stand up to the harshest of Aussie conditions. Discover our range of quality mud flaps and four wheel driving accessories online, and if you have any questions about our goods, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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