4WDs were destined for more than just the school run. They were built to tackle the wild, be pushed to their limits, and allow you to explore this great nation.

But before you venture off sealed roads, it’s important to carry all the gear you’ll need to not only enjoy yourself, but to get home safely. There are 10 must-have 4x4 accessories that are essential to have prepared if you're tackling the outdoors.


Exterior Accessories

Bull Bar

The danger of driving on rural roads often isn’t other vehicles – it’s wildlife. Kangaroos can hit speeds up to 70 km/h, so if one crosses the road in your path, there’s a chance you’ll have no time at all to respond.

The only reasonable way to keep you and your vehicle safe is a full bull bar. Wrapping around the front grill and side pillars, any animals that may cross your path will be kept off your bodywork, causing minimal damage.

Driving Lights

Between dark country roads and misty trails, the world is looking for any chance to pull the wool over your eyes. But with some quality lights fitted, nature won’t get the chance.

Recovery Points

Generally, the easiest way to ensure your vehicle is ready to be recovered is with an aftermarket recovery point. However, there are a few alternatives.

A bull bar can serve as a quality recovery point at the front (provided it’s an included option, and rated to work as such). You’ll also want to make sure there’s an equally strong point at the rear.

The tow bar can double as a rear recovery point, but never use the tow ball itself. Attach a hitch receiver to your tow bar, and you’ll be ready to roll.

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Interior Accessories

Cargo Barrier

For 4WD owners, keeping your boot separate from the cabin isn't just a luxury - it's a necessity. In the event of a crash or severely rough road, luggage flying forward can be more dangerous than the impact itself.

If you’re headed off the beaten track, don’t risk taking a needless knock. Get yourself a cargo barrier and have peace of mind on those rough roads.


The easy way to keep loose units from flying around your cabin like a rogue snow globe is a trusty set of drawers.

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Vehicle Extras

Spare Battery

There’s no worse feeling than tackling a troublesome trail, then not being able to head home. Don’t let a flat battery force you into calling for help – have a trusty spare battery at the ready.

Tyre Pressure Gauge/Pump, and Patch Kit

In the same spirit as the spare battery, a leaky tyre can wreak havoc in the outdoors. Patch kits won’t be able to help if you’ve torn the side off the tyre, but if you’ve only sustained a small puncture, you’ll at least be able to get home safely.

A pump can also help if you’re letting air out to cross loose surfaces, such as sand. You won’t want to do the entire trip home on a single-digit PSI.

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Other Essentials

UHF or HF Radio

Other than for a bit of fun with friends, a radio can be your saviour in the wild. After all, there are no guarantees whent he next car will pass.

It’s worth making yourself familiar with the emergency channels on UHF.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit might not help your vehicle as much, but at the end of the day, the most important component of any 4x4 is its driver.


It’s probably not the first 4WD accessory that springs to mind. But with a trusty shovel by your side, you’ll be ready to tackle:

  • Bogged vehicles
  • A makeshift toilet stop
  • Digging a fire pit
  • Spreading coals around your campsite


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