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4x4 LED Light Bars & Spotlights

Nothing shows that you’re a seasoned off-roader more than having an illuminated rig fitted out with a 4x4 LED light bar and spotlights. At Outback Equipment we have every type of 4x4 spotlight, work light and LED light bar you will ever need for your off road adventure - delivering optimal visibility in the harshest conditions or the darkest night.

So, when it comes time to add or upgrade your lights, turn to your 4x4 experts at Outback Equipment. Buying the lighting you need for your vehicle online from us couldn’t be simpler.  Every LED light for sale on our website can be ordered on our website and delivered to all corners of Australia.


4x4 LED Light Bar & Spotlight Benefits

See Hazards on the Road - When travelling through the great outdoors, and particularly off road, there are many hazards you’re likely to encounter, so it’s important to have a range of tools in your arsenal so you can react appropriately when the unexpected occurs. One of these tools is without a doubt LED spotlights and light bars. Give yourself the best chance possible of seeing wildlife on the road ahead, potholes or anything that could hinder your drive.

Driving with Low Visibility – Good quality 4x4 off road LED light bars and spotlights are necessary when driving around in the dark or on foggy and misty roads where standard headlights just aren’t going to cut it. You need to be able to see as far ahead as possible, so you can react early when faced with any dangers.

Light Up Your Camp Sight - These 4x4 LED work lights also double as a great accessory to have when camping in the outdoors. These bright and expansive lights will fully illuminate your campsite, so you can see exactly what you’re doing and what may be around you when setting up the tent or when preparing food as night falls.

LED vs HID - When it comes to choosing ideal 4x4 lights, LED is the new standard. Today’s LED varieties are just as good if not better than HID driving lights. They’re incredibly bright, use the least amount of energy and have a long-life expectancy, which makes them worth the extra cost.

Durability - LED lights are built tough and will withstand the harshest conditions whether it be rain storms, dust storms, direct impact or simply driving your vehicle through a car wash. Put them through the toughest tests and they will come out ontop and continue to shine brighter than ever.


Installing Spotlights & LED Bar Lights on Your Vehicle

When installing spotlights and LED bar lights to your vehicle, it’s vital that you abide by state and territory rules and regulations. According to most state road authorities, all LED light bars must be secured to the front of the vehicle for safety reasons and to deliver the best results.

4x4 light bars can be secured to the front bumper, lower windshield pillar, above the windscreen or you can opt for a combination of mounts for optimal brightness. As for LED spotlights, they are usually attached to the front bull bar of your vehicle or to the roof.

Any lamps secured to your vehicle must be wired through a switch, so they turn on when the headlamps are on, and turn off automatically when the main-beam headlamps are turned off. You can either wire this manually or avoid wiring altogether by choosing one of the many lighting models we stock that includes a driving light harness with a simple plug-n-play design. 


Choose a 4x4 LED Light Bar or Spotlight for Sale

Trying to decide on the best type of off road LED light bars or spotlights for your vehicle? Keep in mind what you will be using it for, the level of brightness you’re after, how the lights will look on your vehicle and how often you intend to use them.


4x4 LED Spotlights

4x4 LED spotlights can’t be missed when secured to the front of any 4WD. They will help to ensure your vehicle is not in harms way while driving in the great outdoors through the dark, mist, fog and dust. We stock a number of popular LED spotlight brands including:


4x4 LED Light Bars

Off road driving at night or during poor visibility conditions need not be a concern with LED light bars. Light bars offer a far broader span of light to illuminate the front of your vehicle.

Along with bar lights, you’ll also find more compact sized floodlights and driving lights in this category which are ideal for 4WD enthusiasts on a budget.

We stock LED light bars manufactured by:


4x4 LED Work Lights

Our extensive range of LED work lights are ideal for both the work side and for your off-roading adventures. These multi-purpose lights come in a number of sizes, producing varying levels of brightness and suit multiple price points.

All of our work lights are manufactured by Thunder who specialise in 4w4 gear that won’t break the bank.



Any accessories to pair with your LED light purchase can be found here. Attach your new spotlight or light bar to your vehicle securely with our selection of mounts, harnesses, light covers and bull bar clamps. All accessories we stock perfectly complement the range of 4x4 LED options we have available.


4x4 LED Spotlights & Light Bars from Outback Equipment

A new-age online shopping experience paired with old-fashioned customer service. That’s what we deliver here at Outback Equipment. So, if you’re in need of some extra illumination for your vehicle - such as an LED light bar for sale - and want quality products delivered to your door in no time, don’t hesitate to make your purchase online with us.


Call us on 1300 854 185 between 8 am and 4.30 pm on weekdays for any LED spotlight or light bar advice or information.

$198.00 $129.99

SKU: TDR08018

12 LED Driving Light (Single)

$241.00 $159.99

SKU: TDR08120

18 LED Driving Light Bar

$660.00 $589.99

SKU: TDR08020

220mm 30 LED Driving Light (Single)



3" Flush Mount Work Light

$81.00 $67.99

SKU: 72292

350mm Licence Plate Bracket for Explora 14"

$60.99 $47.99

SKU: TDR08208

4 LED Mini Work Light (Single)

$415.00 $289.99

SKU: TDR08540D

40 Led Driving Light Bar

$79.99 $57.99

SKU: TDR08102

5 Led Work Light (Single)

$81.99 $57.99

SKU: TDR08201

6 LED Work Light (Single)

$176.00 $129.99

SKU: TDR08205

7 Led Work Light €" Square (Single)

$127.00 $109.99

SKU: TDR08106

8 Led Work Light €" Oval (Single)

$171.00 $129.99

SKU: TDR08014

9 LED Driving Light (Single)

$222.00 $139.99


9 Led Work Light With Handle & Switch (Single)

$127.00 $99.99

SKU: TDR08203

9 Led Work Light €" Round (Single)

$127.00 $99.99

SKU: TDR08204

9 Led Work Light €" Square (Single)


SKU: V90006

Air Locker Fitting Adaptor Kit | 5 Piece



Bushranger Control Lead - 1.5M



Bushranger Control Lead - 3.0M

$7.95 $6.95


Bushranger Fuse Tap - Mini Fuse

$7.95 $6.95


Bushranger Fuse Tap - Standard Fuse

$215.00 $189.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 13" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar

$230.00 $199.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 17" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar

$275.00 $249.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 20.5" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar

$315.00 $289.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 24.5" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar

$355.00 $329.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 28" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar

$385.00 $349.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 32" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar

$470.00 $419.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 39.5" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar

$520.00 $489.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 43.5" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar

$115.00 $99.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 5.5" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar