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Tow Points

Tow Points

Prepare for those worst-case scenarios off-road with Outback Equipment’s range of tailored recovery points. Many outdoor trails throughout Australia have their dips and challenges, and you may find your vehicle – or someone else’s – stuck and needing a helping hand.

Our range of tow points are designed to give your 4x4 a safe and secure point for recovering vehicles.


All the Top Towing Accessory Products for Your 4x4

Recovering stuck vehicles requires heavy-duty grip. That’s why we’ve only sourced the strongest towing accessory products to provide tough recovery solutions in rough environments. If you’re not sure if a part will work for your vehicle, get in touch with our friendly team. We can give you the info on the right parts for your offroader.

Roadsafe Tow Points

Tow points constructed by Roadsafe are intricately designed for heavy-duty applications. They’re forged with carbon steel and are destruction-tested to make sure they can handle the full pulling power of the strongest outback vehicles.

Each tow point has also been expertly welded and given a corrosion-resistant coating. These features make them the perfect point to attach tow cables and rev a stuck vehicle out of trouble.

Our Roadsafe tow points have been engineered for specific 4x4 models. These include:

You can purchase recovery points for your off-road vehicle on their own, in pairs or as part of a comprehensive kit. But for effective vehicle recovery, you’ll need two tow points attached to either side of your chassis.

Tow Point Kits

For a more comprehensive solution to your towing needs, our tow point kits can help. Each kit is designed for a specific model of 4x4 and features matching tow points, a bridle (equalising strap) and connecting shackles. These towing accessory products prepare you for a range of off-road challenges.


Why Buy Your Tow Points from Outback Equipment?

A Huge Range of Stock

When it comes to recovery points, Outback Equipment has you covered. Our range includes tow points to suit a long list of 4x4 brands and models. And we only source from premium brands like Roadsafe to ensure you have long-lasting parts you can rely on.

Aussie Owned and Operated

Our base location is just south of Brisbane, close to many amazing off-road trails. Being here gives our team the chance to test out some of the equipment we source and provide genuine advice and local customer service.

Recovery Points Delivered to Your Door

Keep your fuel tank full for your next adventure. Our towing accessory products are delivered straight to your door, so you don’t have to make the extra trip.

Plenty of Payment Options

You can pay how you want with Outback Equipment. Choose from these payment options:


Order Your Towing Accessory Products Today

Outfit your outdoor vehicle with tough tow points from Outback Equipment. Check the range online and find the right towing accessory products for your 4x4 today!

$125.00 $119.99


Roadsafe 4WD Tow Point (PAIR) for Nissan Navara D22 / D21

$220.00 $195.99


Roadsafe 4WD Tow Point (PAIR) for Toyota Landcruiser 75 Series

$125.00 $124.99


Roadsafe 4WD Tow Point (PAIR) to suit Nissan Navara D40

$119.00 $116.99


Roadsafe 4WD Tow Point (PAIR) to suit Toyota Prado 120

$70.00 $57.99


Roadsafe 4WD Tow Point for Nissan Patrol GQ/GU 1 INDIVIDUAL