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Storage Drawers for 4WD

Storage Drawers for 4WD

Keep your 4WD boot tidier than a sand-free sandpit with the Outback Equipment range of 4WD storage drawers. No matter what make or model of 4WD you own, or what trade or use you give it, there’s a drawer kit to suit your every need.

These things are brilliant, for work or pleasure. If you’re a tradie and need your gear within easy reach, these drawers will slide those tools out like there’s no tomorrow.


4WD Drawer Sizes

Whether you’ve got a narrow space or a wide load, there’s a 4WD storage drawer to make the most of your space. The narrow 4-cub box drawers offer a huge amount of space, without occupying the entire width of your beast. And if you’re headed into the outdoors, those sneaky little spaces are perfect for stashing your kitchen utensils, dried goods, camera gear, toiletries, and whatever else you like having out there.

But if you’re driving around in a big bopper, you’re not going to settle for the narrow kit. That’s where our 6-cub box drawers steal the show. With over 900mm in both length and width, you can carry an absolutely massive range of stuff out into the outback. And for you tradies, you can keep your tools and equipment completely sorted and organised (until the apprentice goes to put something away).

No matter what size of 4WD storage drawers you need, the range at Outback Equipment can get it done.


4WD Storage Drawers for all Makes

No matter what make of 4WD you get around in, there’s a drawer setup bound to suit. We’ve got kits that have been specially designed to fit all the major manufacturers and models, like:


  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Land Rover Defender
  • The Disco
  • The Disco Sport
  • Merc ML
  • Nissan Navara
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Hilux DC (2005-15)
  • Hilux Revo (2016 onwards)
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Land Cruiser (70, 79 and 200 models)
  • Toyota Prado
  • Lexus GC
  • VW Amarok
  • And plenty more!


Unless you’re driving around in your own creation, we’re bound to have a 4WD drawer setup that’ll work for you.


The Toughest Rigs

These things aren’t going to fall apart on you a week into the job. In fact, each front runner storage system is backed by a complete 2-year warranty. So when you start loading up tools or packing for the outback, you can rest easy knowing your drawers are going to see the trip through.


Check out the range of 4WD storage drawers below, and order yours today!



4 Cub Box Drawer & Fridge Slide Combo by Front Runner



4 Cub Box Drawer / Narrow by Front Runner



4 Cub Box Drawer / Wide by Front Runner



6 Cub Box Drawer W/ Cargo Sliding Top by Front Runner



6 Cub Pack Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes by Front Runner



6 Wolf Pack Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes by Front Runner



Drawer Mount Kit / Tall by Front Runner



Drawer Mount Kit by Front Runner