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Ute Cargo Net

If you’re moving a load on your ute or trailer, you need to make sure that it’s secure with a trailer net or ute cargo net. Have you got the necessary trailer net or cargo net to secure your load and protect your fellow motorists?

The range of heavy duty cargo net and ute net options from Outback Equipment is sure to make your next trip easy and safe.

Don’t fuss around with ropes – simply use the range of cargo nets from Outback Equipment and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your load is secure.


Benefits of a Heavy Duty Cargo Net

The range of cargo nets from Outback Equipment are the perfect no-fuss solution for your next trip. You won’t get this snagged or caught on your tools or equipment and will enjoy using a quality product that is so easy to apply. The simple elasticated cord allows you to access the tray of your ute or trailer from various points, which makes accessing your load a whole lot easier. Don’t untie all of your ropes – simply unhook one section of your cargo net and you’re in.

For truck net, ute cargo net and heavy duty cargo net options, you can trust our range at Outback Equipment.


Why You Need a Properly Restrained Load

The Department of Transport and Main Roads dictates that if you are driving a vehicle with a load, towing a trailer or are otherwise transporting something, you need to ensure that the load you have is restrained properly. When they talk about load restraint they aren’t just talking about making sure that your load doesn’t come off the back of the ute or the trailer; they’re also making sure that the load you’re carrying doesn’t move around in such a way as to make the vehicle or trailer unsafe.

If you don’t take steps to be safe with your load, you face the risks of:

In addition to these potential risks, the load you’re carrying must not obscure your number plate, lights or reflectors. You need to ensure that any load that protrudes more than 1.2 metres behind your vehicle is visible through the affixation of a brightly coloured red, red and yellow, or yellow flag.

If you don’t adhere to these conditions, you may be fined. And in many cases, the fine alone is enough to cover the costs of your cargo net, truck cargo net or trailer net!


Examples of Use for Your Cargo Net or Trailer Net

When you are moving garden waste to the dump, it’s usually always (except for stumps and large branches) light enough to be blown off the back of your ute or trailer. As such, you need to secure your load with a tarpaulin and a ute cargo net or trailer net.

If you’re looking for detailed information on the best practice for moving items in a ute or trailer, the National Transport Commission has a great document in the form of the Load Restraint Guide which offers safe guidelines and performance standards for carrying loads. 

$93.50 $84.99

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