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A reliable 4x4 radio is a must-have for all your outback travel. Trust us – you’ll need a UHF radio for your 4x4 for more than just quality banter with your convoy. This compact yet powerful tool is an essential piece of safety equipment when you’re travelling in remote areas.

Imagine blowing your tyres hours from civilisation without any way to communicate with the real world. You could be waiting hours – even days – for someone to drive past and lend a hand.

So don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way to call for help. Be prepared and stay in touch with a top-quality UHF handheld radio from Outback Equipment in your rig.

Find the best UHF radio for your 4WD right here with our two-way radios for cars and other vehicles.


Fixed Radios

Our fixed UHF radios for 4WD use the latest in electronic hardware and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to deliver outstanding specs and performance on the road.

Easy to mount and easy to use, a fixed 4x4 radio can give you uninterrupted communications – even on congested channels. Our fixed two-way radios for cars have 80 channels, advanced signal management, and an impressive channel scanning speed, along with plenty of other appealing features that make them a vital communication tool for your travels.


Handheld Radios

If you’re looking for a UHF handheld radio that can go the distance, you’ve come to the right place. Outback Equipment has a massive selection of handheld UHFs to take in your 4WD, on your campsite or down the paddock.

Compact and convenient, our UHF handheld radios are built tough enough to withstand every adventure – even in wet and dusty conditions. They feature crystal-clear sound, digital signal processing, and a voice inversion scrambler, and some even offer micro USB charging.

Whether you’re driving through the outback or hiking up a mountain, a handheld UHF allows you to reach people when you need to.


Radio Accessories

Outback Equipment also stocks all the accessories you need for your 4x4 radio. From mount brackets and mic holders to antennas and whips, we’ve got the gear to make the most of your UHF radio for 4WD.


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You can’t beat a quality UHF radio for 4x4 for peace of mind when you’re hitting those remote roads. Find the best UHF radio for your 4WD online at Outback Equipment.

$104.95 $99.00

SKU: UH45-4

Uniden 80 Channel UHF CB Handheld

$19.00 $17.10


Holden Colorado Z Bracket

$499.00 $479.99


UHF CB Mobile UH9060 + Antenna Adventure Pack

$39.95 $34.99

SKU: AT380

3DB Black Flex UHF Antenna Kit

$169.95 $135.49


6.6Db Black H/D Antenna Kit

$79.00 $71.10


Axis UHF White Trucker Antenna Kit

$529.00 $499.00

SKU: UH90604X4

UHF CB Mobile UH9060 + Antenna 4X4 Pack

$35.00 $31.50

SKU: MK485

Uniden 4P Microphone - Tone Call


SKU: UH5060

Uniden UH5060 5 Watt UHF Radio

$49.95 $42.99

SKU: AT820

Uniden UHF Portable Antenna

$249.95 $185.99


6.6DB White Heavy Duty Antenna Kit

$36.00 $32.40


Axis 50mm Black Stainless Steel Bullbar Mount

$35.00 $31.50


Axis 5DB UHF Full Braid Whip

$3.00 $2.70


Axis Metal Microhone Holder

$19.00 $17.10


Bonnet Bracket to Suit Izuzu Dmax



GME XRS-370C Compact Hideaway UHF Radio

$179.95 $169.99

SKU: UH820-2

Uniden 2W UHF Handheld Twin Pack


SKU: UH820

Uniden 2W UHF Handheld USB Charge

$79.95 $74.99

SKU: UH35-3

Uniden 3 Pack UHF Handheld 0.5W 3Km

$549.95 $433.99


Uniden 5W UHF Handheld Tradies Pack

$84.95 $79.99

SKU: UH45-3

Uniden 80 Channel UHF CB Handheld

$229.95 $204.99

SKU: UH5040R

Uniden Compact 80Ch UHF Radio