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Glamping needs with Outback Equipment

Camping adventure with comfort and luxury. Each product in our collection of Glamping is carefully chosen to ensure a great outdoor experience. Whether it's a brief escape or a prolonged retreat, our Glamping Tents and equipment deliver unmatched comfort, style, and durability, setting the stage for unforgettable moments in the great outdoors.

Dometic Santorini FTK 4x8 TC - Inflatable Camping Tent - 8-person
Dometic Santorini FTK 4x8 TC

Inflatable Camping Tent for 8 persons

Explore Planet Earth Bellbird 8 Person Glamping Tent
Explore Planet Earth Bellbird

8 Person Glamping Tent

Oztent SV-5 Max Tent
Oztent SV-5 Max Tent

Durable and Stylish Outdoor Shelter

Our collection is carefully curated to enhance your glamping experience with electrical solutions and essential comforts. Discover our Caframo Sirocco fan, designed to keep you cool with their efficient and powerful air movement. For those looking to extend their off-grid adventures, our portable power stations like the Jackery Explorer 500Wh ensure that all your devices stay charged, no matter where your travels take you. 

For those who cherish luxury even in the great outdoors, our Glamping Accessories are unmatched. Incorporate modern conveniences like the Camec 20 Litre 700 Watt Microwave, perfect for quick meals, or the Devanti 7L Air Fryer, which offers a healthier cooking alternative without sacrificing taste. For the grilling enthusiast, the Gasmate Odyssey 3B Trolley BBQ blends performance with style, ensuring delicious results with every use. Together, these items ensure your campsite is as organized and opulent as it is practical. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Glamping: 

what is glamping accommodation? 

Glamping, short for "glamorous camping," combines the rustic experience of camping with the comforts of luxury accommodations. Unlike traditional camping, glamping allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without giving up the conveniences of modern living. It provides a unique way to experience nature, making it ideal for those who love the outdoors but prefer not to compromise on comfort. 

Is Glamping Expensive? 

Glamping can vary in cost, depending on the level of luxury and location. Generally, it is more expensive than traditional camping due to the enhanced amenities and comfort it provides.  

The cost can be comparable to or less than a hotel stay, especially when considering the unique experiences and settings that glamping offers.  

What are the must-have accessories for a luxurious glamping experience? 

For a truly luxurious glamping experience, certain accessories can elevate your comfort and convenience. Here’s a list of must-have items for glamping, each enhancing different aspects of your stay: