Clipsal has been around since the 1920s, when Alfred Gerard developed a range of adjustable, clip-on metal conduit fittings. These products provided Australian electrical contractors with an innovative solution to the long-standing problem of size variations in metal conduits. The company spearheaded several manufacturing breakthroughs, including the first all-Australian switch in 1930 and pioneering the use of thermoplastics in 1950. The brand was eventually acquired by Schneider Electric in 2003, making them the market leaders in the Australian and Asian Pacific electrical accessories market. The powerhouse combination of ‘Clipsal by Schneider Electric’ offers complete electrical solutions for any application.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Clipsal power outlets, inlets, sockets, plugs, circuit breakers, switches, mounting blocks, and power points.


SKU: 500-03002_005188

Clipsal Flap T/S Old Style Inlet. 435vf15flap


SKU: 500-03101

Clipsal Cover T/S Circuit Breaker 1mod Wide. 4cc1


SKU: 500-03102

Clipsal Cover T/S Circuit Breaker. 4cc2


SKU: 500-03208

Clipsal Double Pole Switch 30d White. Cli30dwe


SKU: 005197_500-03012

Clipsal Flap T/S Old Style Outlet 10dwp. 10dwpflap


SKU: 500-03206

Clipsal Mounting Block White. Cli449awe


SKU: 005196_500-03010

Clipsal White External 10amp Power Outlet 3 Pin. 10dwp