Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of RV and leisure products, having been in the industry for over 40 years. With offices and warehouses across Australia and New Zealand, they offer an extensive product range specialising in everything to do with the inside and the outside of recreational vehicles. Not just distributors of popular name brands, they also offer their own Coast brand of various RV and caravan accessories. As well as operating as a retail wholesaler, Coast is also a large supplier of goods to the caravan and motorhome manufacturing industry.

Outback Equipment stocks a huge selection of product lines from the Coast to Coast catalogue from hardware to accessories, and all the small essentials.

$329.99 $238.89

SKU: 450-06500

Caravan Stone Shield W/ Mesh 3pce Black (2310mm X 500mm)

$79.00 $71.99

SKU: 700-00370

Ecospin Portable Washer


SKU: 450-00940

Trail-A-Mate Jockey Wheel Clamp Anti-Theft Lock

$29.99 $24.49

SKU: 400-01520

Coast Drink Water Hose Carrier H20mmxw280mm.

$29.99 $24.49

SKU: 400-01530

Coast Grey Water Hose Carrier H25mmxw340mm.

$329.99 $253.50

SKU: 450-06510

Camper Van Stone Shield W/ Mesh 3pce Black (2150mm X 500mm)


SKU: 600-00024

Coast Door 3 - Black 415 X 581 (M500-220)


SKU: 600-00026

Coast Door 4 - Black 566 X 631 (M500-230)

$319.99 $299.00

SKU: 400-04612

Coast Luggage Basket Black

$94.36 $82.99

SKU: 200-09212

Coast V2 Sunscreen Side Wall For Full Van.


SKU: 650-00090

Ventline 14" X 14" Vent With 12V Fan 38

$79.20 $67.99

SKU: 500-01066

Assist Handle with 12V LED Light Chrome


SKU: 400-01510

Coast Cable Carrier H15mmxw113mm.


SKU: 600-00022

Coast Door 2 - Black 415 X 681 (M500-210)


SKU: 350-00500X2_BSM50

Coast Door Mount Mirror


SKU: 400-04616

Coast Roof Rack Cross Bar Strengthening Kit Black


SKU: 800-06102

Eutopia White Personal Shower Mixer


SKU: 900-03852

Sphere S2 Black Wall Mount Bracket

$112.20 $109.99

SKU: 450-06609

Stone Shield Rip Stop Mesh #10 T/S Caravan


SKU: 400-99997

Washing Machine Starter Kit