Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of RV and leisure products, having been in the industry for over 40 years. With offices and warehouses across Australia and New Zealand, they offer an extensive product range specialising in everything to do with the inside and the outside of recreational vehicles. Not just distributors of popular name brands, they also offer their own Coast brand of various RV and caravan accessories. As well as operating as a retail wholesaler, Coast is also a large supplier of goods to the caravan and motorhome manufacturing industry.

Outback Equipment stocks a huge selection of product lines from the Coast to Coast catalogue from hardware to accessories, and all the small essentials.

$29.94 $22.99

SKU: 500-03551

12m/15AMP Coast Heavy Duty Extension Lead

$38.94 $31.99

SKU: 500-03553

17m/15AMP Coast Heavy Duty Extension Lead


SKU: 200-09202_2PACK

2 X Coast V2 Sunscreen Side Wall For Pop-Top

$487.85 $479.95

SKU: 900-02820

5.8" Caravan Reversing Camera System

$489.50 $479.95

SKU: 900-02810

7" Motorhome Reversing Camera System

$42.20 $34.99

SKU: 500-05324

Accessory Socket Surface Black Mount Twin Sockets

$50.90 $34.99

SKU: 500-05332

Accessory Socket Surface Mount Twin Accessory

$42.20 $29.99

SKU: 500-05325

Accessory Socket Surface White Mount Twin Sockets

$140.00 $129.99

SKU: 400-04650

Alu Star Bike Rack

$79.20 $67.99

SKU: 500-01062

Assist Handle with 12V LED Light Black

$79.20 $60.99

SKU: 500-01066

Assist Handle with 12V LED Light Chrome

$79.20 $67.99

SKU: 500-01064

Assist Handle with 12V LED Light White


SKU: 600-99994

Awning Cleaner with Bonus Chamois and Sponge

$103.80 $77.99

SKU: 200-09215

Black Side Sunscreen for Caravans

$42.95 $35.99

SKU: 450-05140

Brake Plate for Mechanical Override Coupling Zinc Coated

$41.95 $37.99

SKU: 005543-A

Breha Hand Pump Standard


SKU: 035599-A

Breha Washer Kit

$45.09 $38.99

SKU: 800-06410

Breha White Hand Sink Pump

$149.00 $146.99

SKU: 400-04510

Camper Bed End Garage For Jayco Outback Model 4.5m x 1.65m

$80.78 $77.99

SKU: 200-09300

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W2220mm X H2050mm

$90.19 $79.99

SKU: 200-09302

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W2780mm X H2050mm

$93.27 $85.99

SKU: 200-09304

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W3060mm X H2050mm

$98.73 $87.99

SKU: 200-09306

Camper Privacy Sunscreen Offside W3380mm X H2050mm

$301.40 $251.50

SKU: 450-06520

Camper Trailer Stone Shield W/ Mesh 3pce Black (1800mm X 500mm)

$306.24 $253.50

SKU: 450-06510

Camper Van Stone Shield W/ Mesh 3pce Black (2150mm X 500mm)

$306.24 $238.89

SKU: 450-06500

Caravan Stone Shield W/ Mesh 3pce Black (2310mm X 500mm)

$84.55 $77.99

SKU: 450-10008

Coast 10" Jockey Wheel and Standard Clamp


SKU: 450-10010

Coast 10" Jockey Wheel and Swivel Clamp