Camec has been one of Australia’s leading suppliers of RV and caravan goods since 1972. The history of Camec goes as far back as 1963 when founder, Kevin O’Brien identified the need for a specialised caravan repair business. From there the business grew and launched a separate wholesale business: Caravan And Marine Equipment Company, or Camec. Combined with its local production of windows, doors, and aluminium, Camec has become the largest dealer of RV and caravan components across Australia and New Zealand. They are also a major sponsor and supporter of the national and state associations of the Caravan Industry of Australia and is a member of RVMAA and BIA in Australia and the RVIA in the USA.

Outback Equipment stocks a huge range of products from the Camec catalogue to cater to a wide variety of RV and caravan needs.

$129.99 $112.99

SKU: 006099-A

Roto 70 Litre Water Tank-No Barbs

$145.00 $87.99

SKU: 008589-A

Jensen Roof Vent 12v 14x14in White Metal Base


SKU: 040657_PAIR

Camec Clip On Towing Mirror (Flat Glass) Pair


SKU: 042668-A

Camec Clothes Dryer Deluxe


SKU: 000261-A

Tank Cleen 200g

$550.00 $399.99

SKU: 044479-A

Camec 4 Seasons Hatch With Tape

$174.95 $159.99

SKU: 006099_035610

Roto 70 Litre Water Tank (No Barbs) and Brackets Kit


SKU: 040654-A

Tyre Saver Pair Camec Colour Black


SKU: 040652-A

Wheel Level And Chock Camec Colour Teal


SKU: 014385-A

Camec 3P DR - Main Lock R/H Hinge

$24.95 $23.99

SKU: 040657-A

Camec Clip On Towing Mirror (Flat Glass) Single

$389.00 $304.99

SKU: 041133-A

Camec Compact RV Washing Machine 2.5kg

$140.00 $119.98

SKU: 008342-A

Canopy Lifter Flat 900mm Strong (Breha)


SKU: 006508

Electric Single Step 12V 560mm


SKU: 014384-A

Camec 3P Door - Main Lock L/H.


SKU: 003967-A

No6 Flare Nut 5/16in SAE

$197.00 $159.99

SKU: 041677-A

Camec 3 Way Sink Mixer 230mm Swivel Spout


SKU: 014382_600-00696

Camec 3P Door - Outer Handle Kit Handle Spindle & Screw

$125.00 $113.99

SKU: 044091-A

Camec Annex Matting 5.0m X 2.5m Grey

$52.95 $34.99

SKU: 040269-A

Camec Lockable Water Filler White Left Hand Hinge


SKU: 040158-A

Camec New 4 Seasons Hatch Flyscreen


SKU: 008025-A

Cupboard Hinge Flat (T1500F)

$126.45 $110.00

SKU: 200003_044379

Modular 50 Litre Water Tank and Brackets


SKU: 006176-A

Recess Water Filler & Cap


SKU: 000122-A

Rollout Pantry plus 2 x 110mm Baskets


SKU: 002083-A

Sewer Hose 10Ft No Fittings Boxed


SKU: 040653-A

Wheel Chock Colour Teal - Pair