Fishing on Beach

Convinced the fish know which bait is yours and steer clear? It might be time to reconsider your setup.

Australia has plenty of top spots for beach fishing, but it can be hard to get hooked on the sport if all you’re bringing home is sand after a long day of casting your line over the surf.

Increase your odds of reeling one in by knowing the right rods to use, the best bait for common beach fish and the lure setups to suit.


But before you start fishing…

Driving on Beach

Before you wet a line, you’re going to need to get to that prime fishing spot. And chances are, that means driving on loose sand.

Driving on the beach can be good fun, but it can also be a baptism of fire for beginners who don’t follow the right precautions. Be prepared with these tips for driving on the beach in your 4WD before you hit the sand.

Triple-Check the Tide Times

You can’t control the tide, but you can prepare for it. Check your local tide times and keep a tide chart handy if you have to. You should aim to drive on a falling tide to give yourself plenty of time before the next high tide comes. Stay well away from the edge of the water as a wave could lift or roll your vehicle.

Lower Your Tyre Pressure

Lowering your tyre pressure to around 20-25psi will help spread the tyre out and increase the amount of surface area on the sand for better traction. When deflating tyres for the beach, they’ll have to be re-inflated for when you get back on the road. Our tyre deflators and air compressors can help with this.

Maintain Momentum

Maintaining your speed is key to avoiding getting bogged. The slower you’re travelling, the longer you have to sink into the sand. You should also avoid swerving sharply or braking hard.

Pack Reliable Recovery Gear

Recovery equipment is a must for all off-road driving. Recovery tracks, straps and winches are just a few essentials to have handy just in case you get bogged.


Best Fishing Rods for Beach Fishing

Fishing Rod on Beach

With so many beach fishing rods filling up your search history, it can be hard to know which one to pick. Consider these factors to help you choose a rod to conquer the surf.


Surf rods are generally a fair bit longer than your typical fishing rods (around 10 feet), so you should find something big enough to do the job while still being comfortable to use. Go too big and you risk an achy wrist, forearm and shoulder.


Durability is key, as is the ability to handle the saltwater and sand. Graphite surf rods are a great choice because they’re tough, light and resistant to corrosion.


Another great reason for going with a graphite rod is that it’s sensitive enough to feel a nibble but flexible enough to stay in one piece under heavy or sudden loads.


When it comes to beach fishing, you’ll want to look for a rod that really goes the distance. Increase your casting distance and you’ll increase your chances of catching something. Rods with an extra bend at the tip can give you a better casting distance, as can a little help from casting aids like impact clips and sinkers.


Best Bait for Beach Fishing

You have to come prepared if you want to snag a big target. Add these bait options to the menu next time you hit the sand:

  • Live ghost nippers/yabbies
  • Bloodworms
  • Beach worms
  • Pippies
  • Squid.


Best Lures for Beach Fishing

Complete your beach fishing setup with the right lures for movement and colour your target won’t be able to resist.

Whiting Lures

Whiting are suckers for: Small poppers and hard-bodied surface lures.

Flathead Lures

Flathead are suckers for: Large soft, unweighted plastic lures.

Mackerel Lures

Mackerel are suckers for: Metal spinning lures, deep-divers and trolling lures.


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