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Vehicle Recovery Equipment

Nothing beats the rough and tumble of 4WD off-roading. And while you might not be confined by the rules of the road, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature and the unforgiving obstacles she will throw at you and under you.

For those who often dare to venture off the beaten track, a recovery situation is an inevitable pitfall of trying to conquer particularly rough terrain. There might be nothing fun about hauling a stuck vehicle out of a bog but with the right recovery tools, it can at least be made easier and safer.

This is why it’s a good idea to be fully prepared and well-equipped with good quality 4x4 recovery straps and other recovery accessories. Whether you’re buying from scratch or replacing old gear, invest in the best gear you can afford that will suit a variety of vehicle recovery applications. Getting stuck can be an unpredictable situation with many variables so it’s always good to have all of your bases covered with an assortment of accessories.


Heavy Duty Recovery Straps

At Outback Equipment we have a variety of recovery straps and accompanying gear to pull you out of trouble. Robust recovery tow straps will perhaps be some of the most important gear that you will require when recovering a vehicle. Some of the straps included in a complete recovery kit will include:

  • Snatch straps: These are manufactured from nylon webbing to give it an elastic characteristic that creates the energy required for one vehicle to haul another out of a bog. Using a snatch strap is probably one of the more popular methods when recovering a vehicle. However, there are a lot of safety precautions involved, and these should always be used according to set procedures.
  • Equaliser straps: These are used to spread the load across the chassis rather than placing the strain on one recovery point. These should be used in conjunction with tow hooks as opposed to shackles as the force will place an angular strain on shackles, reducing their working load limit, and creating a less than ideal recovery situation. An equaliser strap can be used with snatch straps or winch straps/cables.
  • Tree trunk protector: These are utilised when winching and are designed to prevent trees from being girdled (where the bark is stripped away from the tree and can die as a result). Tree trunk protector straps are usually quite wide so as to not cut into the surface like a cable, rope, or chain would.
  • Winch extension strap: As the name suggests, this strap will add extra length to your winch cable if it is not long enough. These are not designed to be used with a snatch strap.

Recovery Accessories

Besides car recovery straps and the associated hooks and shackles that straps are attached to, there is other gear that can be applied to ensure safe and easier recovery situations. If you’re working within a budget, then not all of these items are necessarily vital, but are certainly useful, including:

  • Recovery shovel: Good for removing excess mud or sand around tyres
  • Snatch block: Increases winch’s pulling power and offers more options in self-recovery situations
  • Recovery blanket: A recommended safety implement to use on a snatch strap to prevent any whipping action if the strap breaks
  • Recovery gloves: Protect your hands when dealing with recovery equipment, wire cables, dirt, rocks, and trees
  • Pocket chainsaw: Good for clearing wooden obstacles
  • High lift jack: Useful for lifting vehicle to clear out obstacles or filling in holes to create traction for wheels


Make a sticky situation less annoying

Recovery straps and accessories are essential for any avid off-roader. When looking at your gear options, always consider your vehicle and the environment you will be operating in. Having the right gear will at least make a bothersome situation a little less difficult and get you on your way faster. 

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Mean Mother Pocket Chainsaw



Storage Bag Mounting Harness


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10m Winch Extension

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15,000kg Snatch Strap

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Leather Recovery Gloves



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