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4x4 and Maxtrax Recovery Tracks

At Outback Equipment, we reckon the best way to be prepared for a solid four wheel driving trip or an outback adventure is to make sure you have the best equipment and knowledge for any situation which includes taking with you 4WD recovery tracks to ensure that you are able to get out of any tight situations.

While it would be wonderful for us all to be driving around equipped with a high-powered heavy-duty winch with a heap of accessories, sometimes the budget just doesn’t run to this kind of expense. And then, of course, sometimes all you need is a good set of traction recovery boards.

The range of versatile, easy-to-store and easy-to-use 4X4 recovery tracks work like a dream, giving you the traction you need to self-rescue from a range of sticky situations.

At Outback Equipment, we are proud to stock 4WD recovery tracks which are sure to make every four wheel drive recovery mission easy.


How to Use 4WD Recovery Tracks

When you find yourself bogged in the sand, that’s when your recovery tracks will come in handy. The first thing you need to do is jump onto the business end of a shovel and start digging. You need to form a few tracks out the front of the wheels so that they have something to drive onto. Pop the recovery tracks out the front of the wheel and slowly inch onto them as a means of recovering your vehicle.

Having a set of recovery tracks is going to make your life a whole lot easier in those situations where you’re bogged on the beach, the tide is slowly inching in, your partner’s sitting in the front wondering why you can’t just drive out and the kids are getting restless in the back!

Make your life a whole lot easier and safer with a set of recovery tracks from Outback Equipment.


Maxtrax Recovery Tracks

We stock industry leading brand, Maxtrax. The Maxtrax recovery tracks work as sand recovery tracks and other bogged-in recovery situations. They are moulded plastic recovery devices which work best in sand recovery situations.

You usually only need two recovery tracks for your vehicle, and you can shop our range of Maxtrax recovery tracks online now. Want to see how the Maxtrax stacked up against most the other products on the market? Take a look at this review from 4X4 Australia.

Make storage of your Maxtrax 4WD recovery tracks simple with Maxtrax mounts. The easy-to-use mounts make it simple to secure your recovery tracks to a roof rack or bars. The Maxtrax mounting options and Maxtrax mounting pins ensure that no matter where you want your Maxtrax mounts to go, it’ll be easy with Outback Equipment. Look at the recovery boards from Maxtrax for sale online now.


Why Outback Equipment?

At Outback Equipment, we have been providing the very best in 4WD recovery tracks, recovery equipment and self-rescue gear for your four wheel drive and touring needs. We are proud to stock all the very best brands and offer you Maxtrax recovery boards and TRED accessories. Take a look at the range we stock on-site and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for anything in the outback.

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MAXTRAX MKII Recovery Tracks

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Tred Recovery Tracks 800mm

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MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set



Tred Pro Mounting Bracket

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Maxtrax Mini Set - Safety Orange



Tred Pro Mounting Bracket Pair

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Mean Mother Recovery Tracks Rear Wheel Holder



Mean Mother ExiTrax Board Bag



Mean Mother ExiTrax ExiLink



Mean Mother ExiTrax Leashes

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X-Trax II Recovery Tracks

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Tred Recovery Tracks 1100mm

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Tred Pro Recovery Tracks 1160 - Gun Grey

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Tred Pro Recovery Tracks 1160 - Green

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Tred Pro Recovery Tracks 1160 - Red

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Tred Pro Recovery Tracks 1160 - Blue



Sand Lizard Rescue Trax


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Tred Recovery Tracks Storage Bag 800mm


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Tred Recovery Tracks Storage Bag 1100mm