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If you have a four wheel drive and head off-road even semi-regularly, you’re going to want to make sure you have the correct recovery gear in place. If you’re a seasoned four wheel driving veteran, then you know more than anyone else the importance of a quality 4x4 winch attached to the front of your vehicle.

There are countless situations in which a potentially difficult retrieval has been made simple with the use of a 4WD winch, and we stock a range of quality winches to help you out of those sticky spots faster.


How to Choose the Right Kind of Recovery Equipment

When you’re selecting the right kind of recovery equipment, you need to make sure that you choose the correct gear for your kind of situation. This means that the 4X4 winch you choose needs to suit your vehicle and to be useful in times of need.

This video demonstrates the need for a quality winch and shows you why it’s always important to be prepared when you’re out four wheel driving!


Why You Need a Winch

When you’re in a tight spot, you need a fast and effective way of extracting yourself from any sort of trouble. When you’re far off the beaten track and in a situation where you lack the necessary traction to get yourself safe, a 4X4 winch may be just the piece of rescue equipment that you need. A steep incline or a muddy track are tough spots no matter what, and while you might have a 4WD buddy by your side, the last thing you need is two bogged vehicles to contend with!

Having a winch means that you travel with that extra bit of peace of mind, which is invaluable in an outdoor situation. A portable winch is just the thing you need for serious outdoor adventuring, but it should also always be your last resort and the thing you turn to when you need it most. And trust us, when you need a 4X4 winch, you’re sure going to be glad you’ve got one.


Designed to Last

The range of winches on sale at Outback Equipment is engineered to outlast even the toughest of situations. We are proud to offer these as a means to bring greater rescue capabilities to you, the four wheel drivers of Australia, and to bring you a tough product that you can trust.


Winch Safety

When you are using a 4WD winch, it is absolutely vital that you adhere to a couple of standard safety procedures so that you can continue to operate safely and to perform your rescue. Always do everything to extract the vehicle under its own power. Make sure you’ve lowered the tyre pressure, cleared obstacles, checked that your vehicle hasn’t jumped out of 4WD, and given your traction control system time to build up power.

When you do need to winch, follow these steps:


Our Brands

We stock a range of winches from leading brands like T-Max and Mean Mother, and stock wire and synthetic rope winches. 

$59.99 $56.99

SKU: TDR02301

Offset Fairlead

$59.99 $56.99

SKU: TDR02300

Standard Fairlead



T-Max 12500lb 12v Synthetic Electric Winch


SKU: TMA10210

T-Max Roller Fairlead - Winches 3500lb


SKU: TMA10920

T-Max Roller Fairlead - Winches 8500lb-12500lb

$1,450.00 $1,099.99

SKU: TDR02125

Thunder 12,500lb Winch

$1,299.00 $1,059.99

SKU: TDR02095

Thunder 9,500lb Winch


SKU: EW2500

Mean Mother Peak ATV 2500lb Winch


SKU: EW6000

Mean Mother Edge 6000lb Winch


SKU: EW12000-24V

Mean Mother Edge 12000lb 24 Volt Winch