Accessories & Parts To Suit Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is possibly the most underrated beast in the Toyota range. It’s big, tough, and built to tackle more of the outdoors than you might expect.

But as tough as it is, there are a few accessories and parts for your Toyota Fortuner that can make it even tougher – to handle all of Australia’s obstacles.

For the best parts for your Toyota Fortuner, look no further than Outback Equipment’s range. Check them out below, and order yours today!


All the Top Accessories for your Toyota Fortuner

We’ve got a pretty clear policy on what we stock. If it won’t survive the Aussie outback, we don’t sell it. So you can rest easy knowing any aftermarket Fortuner accessories you buy from Outback Equipment will be up for whatever adventures you can imagine.

Fortuner Bash Plate

Let’s be honest – you’re not going to get a Fortuner and a Mini mixed up in a shopping centre carpark. It’s about as long as it is tough, but even still, that underbelly does pose a risk if hit hard. So if you’re taking your Fortuner off the beaten track, you’ll want an Outback Equipment bash plate to keep it safe.

The Front Runner bash plate has been engineered to suit the Fortuner’s exact underbelly, so no modifications are required. And thanks to the powder coating, it’ll stay completely protected against the elements.

Fortuner Snorkel

Safari’s Fortuner snorkel is the ultimate addition to your prized Fortuner.

In short, they’re the masters of keeping nasties out of your engine while letting enough air in. It’ll even meet the air flow needs of the monster 2.8L diesel engines. And it’s not just handy for when you’re crossing bodies of water – it’ll even keep dust out on those loose, unsealed roads. So no matter where you’re driving, your Fortuner can breathe easy.

Fortuner Pet Barrier

If you’re taking off camping, there’s no need to leave the dog at the old folks’ place.

The beauty is, our pet barrier isn’t some piece of flat-pack furniture you’ll spend 2 days and 3 fingernails assembling. It’ll install in about 10 minutes, as it was engineered to fit the Fortuner’s existing holes. And if you don’t need it, it comes off in even less time than that. So if you’ve got a pet, or you’re the sort that packs the kitchen sink when you go camping, a Kaon Pet Barrier for your Toyota Fortuner is a must-have.

Fortuner Drawer Kit

With all that boot space, it’s easy to get a little disorganised. That is, unless you get yourself a Front Runner drawer kit for your Toyota Fortuner. These handy systems are designed to perfectly slot into the boot of your Fortuner, so it doesn’t sit there wobbling like jelly in a cyclone. And those smooth, smooth drawers can slide out almost 100% from the anchored base, so there’s no tricky or inaccessible corners.

Just for that added peace of mind, you can even lock each drawer. So you can safely and securely move just about anything anywhere.


Order Accessories To Suit Your Toyota Fortuner Today

Give the ultimate Toyota the ultimate assistance with our range of accessories and parts to your Fortuner. Check out our range below, and order yours today!

$1,048.98 $996.53


Bash Plate Kit for Toyota Fortuner 15-On

$379.95 $353.17


Diesel Pre-Filter to Suit Toyota Fortuner 1GD-FTV 16-Onwards

$234.99 $224.99


Engine Bashplate for Toyota Fortuner GUN156R (08/15-On)

$1,804.00 $1,713.80


Ironman Deluxe Commercial Bullbar to Suit Toyota Fortuner 2015

$1,826.00 $1,734.70


Ironman Protector Bullbar to Suit Toyota Fortuner 2015

$599.99 $569.99


Radiator Bashplate for Toyota Fortuner GUN156R (08/15-On)

$835.05 $668.04

SKU: K-TOW08254

TAG Towbar to suit Toyota Fortuner (2015 - Present)

$907.92 $726.34

SKU: K-TOW08361

TAG Towbar to suit Toyota Fortuner (2015 - Present)

$799.99 $579.99


Tough Dog Upper Control Arm to Suit Toyota Fortuner 2015-Onwards

$2,549.00 $2,500.00


Toyota Fortuner Double Drawer System 15-Onwards

$234.99 $224.99


Transmission Bashplate for Toyota Fortuner GUN156R (08/15-On)