iDrive Throttle Controller for Toyota Alphard 2008-Onwards

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Increase throttle performance and smoother acceleration in your Toyota Alphard 2008-Onwards with the Ultimate9 EVC Throttle Controller. Easy plug & play and features 18 levels of adjustment.

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How would the Ultimate 9 ‘iDrive’ Throttle controller make a difference in your Toyota Land Cruisers, Hilux and other models?  

EVC have developed throttle controllers that have been taking over the market, previously known as the ‘iDrive’ for Toyota Land Cruisers, Hilux and other models. It includes an automatic control function that changes the level of throttle performance based on pedal pressure, meaning you can finally get the most out of your engine without touching the engine. These nifty little units’ control and modify the mapping of the ‘fly-by-wire' throttles fitted to modern cars to improve throttle response, performance, driveability and even help with fuel economy.  

The Ultimate 9 iDrive Throttle Controller has a full range of maps available for you to suit almost every scenario. Whether it's sending gran down to the shops on economy 1 (maximum efficiency and smoothness) or going full send on a 4x4 off-road track on ultimate 9 (maximum response) and every scenario in between. Alternatively, if you'd like the iDrive throttle controller to call the shots and pick the appropriate throttle mapping for you, it can be set to Automatic mode and the iDrive throttle controller will determine the most appropriate map for you. The result is the smoothest aftermarket control module on the market. Get the most out of your Toyota Land Cruiser or any other Toyota make/model, by installing the iDrive throttle that takes 4x4 and cars to the next level in acceleration performance.    

Rather than a traditional accelerator cable, most modern vehicles use 'fly-by-wire' throttle technology. This system relies on a sensor that measures the pedal pressure and position. This sends a signal to the vehicle's engine computer which converts to acceleration. Many of these ‘fly-by-wire’ systems have a noticeable delay, usually due to factory settings. An Ultimate 9 iDrive Throttle controller allows you to tune the signal from the accelerator pedal using multiple inbuilt configurations to ensure you find a setting that suits your driving style. This extra acceleration can often mean the difference between getting stuck on more extreme 4x4 tracks or making it through. The iDrive throttle controller gives you the choice to select the best throttle mapping for every scenario.  

Simply select from the drop down tab above to find the right Ultimate 9 iDrive for your make and model: 

Product features:   

  • Easy plug and play fitment  
  • 20 levels of adjustment  
  • Auto Control for easy set and forget use  
  • Ideal for towing  
  • Improved throttle control off road  

Driving modes:  

Ultimate Mode - This is the performance mode for the iDrive throttle controllers. With 10 different adjustability levels, the higher you go the sharper your throttle response will be.  This setting is perfect for anything from every-day driving and commuting to towing and off-road driving where you need gentle, progressive throttle or even off-road driving through sand and muddy bog holes where you need to stay on the throttle and keep up momentum to avoid sinking.  

Economy Mode - Quiet simply, it saves on fuel. The higher you go the more dampened your throttle response will be. This is great for preserving precious fuel on longer drives, daily commutes or even making throttle response subdued to make precision driving less intense when reversing a trailer or finessing parallel parking.  

Automatic Mode - This mode sets the Ultimate 9 EVC iDrive Throttle Controller apart from the rest of the throttle controller market. The intelligent set and forget function where the controller will select the appropriate throttle mapping depending on throttle position and speed of input. It adapts to your own unique driving style and offers the best possible throttle mapping in response. This mode is especially handy when towing or on longer trips where terrain types and driving styles will inevitably vary throughout so that the throttle controller can adapt on the fly. To shop the full range of Ultimate 9 (previously iDrive) EVC and other in-car tech including UHF radios and dash cams.  

Brand Ultimate9 (formerly iDRIVE)
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