Trailer Valet

Trailer Valet specialises in overcoming the time-consuming and infuriating attempts of manoeuvring your trailer into the right spot. Their objective is to maximise your time outdoors by minimising the hassles of correctly parking your trailer, caravan, pop top, or camper. Trailer Valet’s ever-growing selection of models ensures that you will find the exact tool to solve all of your trailering problems quickly, efficiently, and with ease. Having won awards for Best New Product and Most Innovative Product, Trailer Valet has quickly made a name for themselves amongst the international market, creating many satisfied clients. Easily slip into any tight spot at the campground or just at home with a Trailer Valet.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Trailer Valet products including movers and various replacement parts.


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Trailer Valet Crank Handle


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Trailer Valet Drill Attachment


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Trailer Valet Tyre & Tube

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Trailer Valet Mover

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Trailer Valet Mover XL

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