Thunder Auto is known for their reliable and quality range of LED lighting, 4WD recovery equipment, switches and portable power solutions. With affordability in mind, Thunder products are designed to let you keep enjoying modern creature comforts, even while roughing it. Now you can be confident in knowing that with Thunder, you will have access to a reliable source of power to keep camp sites well-lit and batteries charged. Designed for the working adventurer, Thunder products have been tested and developed to handle anything the outdoors might throw at you.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Thunder Auto products including LED lighting, battery chargers, recovery gear, solar panels, and even a sports action camera.

$40.99 $33.99

SKU: TDR11045

Thunder Battery Isolator Switch

$40.99 $27.99

SKU: TDR06014

Floor Mats - Front

$499.00 $439.99

SKU: 900-09102

Sphere Mobile Wi-Fi Router with GPS

$246.00 $240.00

SKU: TDR04016

Thunder Exhaust Recovery Jack

$94.99 $82.99

SKU: TDR04001

8,000kg Snatch Strap

$69.99 $49.99

SKU: TDR04013

Digital Tyre Deflator

$122.00 $115.99

SKU: TDR02101C

Insulated Fridge Cover

$440.00 $349.99

SKU: TDR02120

Thunder Battery Charger 20Amp 8 Stage


SKU: TDR02020

Thunder DC-DC 20A Charger with MPPT Solar Regulator


SKU: TDR02007

Thunder Portable Battery Box Power Station

$32.99 $25.99

SKU: TDR06104

Thunder Voltmeter


SKU: TDR15009

10 Amp Solar Regulator


SKU: TDR04009

10m Winch Extension

$198.00 $142.99

SKU: TDR08018

12 LED Driving Light (Single)


SKU: TDR06906

12 Pin Flat Trailer Socket

$89.99 $72.99

SKU: TDR05224

12 Way Standard Blade Fuse Box


SKU: TDR15003

120 Watt Solar Panel

$199.99 $169.99

SKU: TDR15200

12V Blind Spot Warning Kit

$163.00 $149.99

SKU: TDR04002

15,000kg Snatch Strap


SKU: TDR15004

150 Watt Solar Panel

$241.00 $159.99

SKU: TDR08120

18 LED Driving Light Bar

$660.00 $589.99

SKU: TDR08020

220mm 30 LED Driving Light (Single)


SKU: TDR15008

30 Amp Solar Regulator

$60.99 $47.99

SKU: TDR08208

4 LED Mini Work Light (Single)

$16.49 $15.99

SKU: TDR04005

4,700kg Bow Shackle

$54.99 $52.99

SKU: TDR04006

4,700kg Hitch Receiver

$415.00 $289.99

SKU: TDR08540D

40 Led Driving Light Bar

$79.99 $57.99

SKU: TDR08102

5 Led Work Light (Single)


SKU: TDR02003

50 Amp Anderson Style Plugs - 3m Extension


SKU: TDR02006

50 Amp Anderson Style Plugs - Alligator Clip