The Internet’s Worst Campers

windy tent

Ah, camping. It’s a pastime plenty of people can get behind – but being underprepared in nature is a recipe for disaster.

Without the right gear, your fun outdoor adventure can quickly turn into a camping fail you’d rather forget. And that’s exactly what’s happened to these unlucky camping novices.

The great outdoors wasn’t so “great” for these guys. Let’s laugh and learn together, shall we?


The One Who Forgot Their Pegs

upside down tent


Tent pegs aren’t just an accessory, people. You’ve got to secure your tent – even if the weather seems fine – to avoid a topsy-turvy mess like these poor folks. This debacle could’ve been avoided with a little help from some sturdy tent pegs.


The One Who Didn’t Measure Their Mattress

oversized air mattress


Someone’s having a breezy night – and a bite-y one, if the mozzies have anything to say about it. Let this be a lesson: if you want to go big with your bed, you might want to upgrade your tent.


The One Who Forgot a Bed Altogether

uncomfortable sleep


Who needs sleeping equipment when you’ve got a couple of chairs and an esky? We reckon this bloke’s used some creative problem solving to avoid pitching his tent after a few too many. His back might be stuffed, but good on him for giving it a red-hot go.


The One Who Put Their BBQ on a Plastic Table

bbq fail


Someone got a bit too keen for their snags and forgot that heat melts plastic. A plastic camping table is no place for a portable BBQ. We hope they had a fire extinguisher handy.


The One Who Didn’t Check the Tide

beach camping


Camping on the beach can be a beautiful experience – as long as you keep an eye on the tide while you’re there. These guys aren’t going anywhere without some heavy-duty recovery equipment.


The One Who Broke Their Ceramic Jug

broken ceramic jug


If you like your creature comforts and want to enjoy all your favourite foods and bevvies in the outdoors, might we suggest getting the right camping cookware? These guys are saying goodbye to a ceramic mug and their dreams of a hot cuppa.

The One Who Left Their Toilet Paper Outside

wet toilet paper


We just hope the leaves weren’t itchy.


The One Who Left Their Phone Outside

wet phone


Not all camping trips are clear skies and sunshine. Maybe this expensive oversight will remind this unlucky camper to check the radar – or at least check their pockets when they call it a night. We hope they had insurance.


The One Who Left a Bloody Mess

camping mess


So much for not leaving a trace. True outdoorspeople know to leave nature as unchanged as possible when it’s time to pack up, but it looks like someone forgot to respect the leave-no-trace code of camping. Don’t be a litter bug – take your cans and other bits with you in a collapsible storage bin.


And Finally, the One Who Forgot Their Recovery Tracks

muddy recovery tracks


We bet there were a few unhappy campers after this muddy getaway. Play it safe and keep some recovery tracks and boards in your boot just in case you get stuck in the mud or soggy grass.


Avoid these embarrassing camping mishaps and be prepared with the right gear from Outback Equipment.