Camping Cookware

Camping Cookware

There’s nothin’ better than a proper cup of tea in the middle of nowhere. Actually, maybe a bacon sanger. Or a really good and hearty stew. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll need some Outback Equipment camping cookware to make it happen.

We get that there aren’t many supermarkets when you get far enough off the beaten track. Thankfully, we’ve got the right stuff to make the most of your surroundings. If your dinner menu is whatever you catch from the local river, we’ve got a sneaky steamer to cook that fish to perfection. And given these things fold down, they take up a lot less room in your car than lugging Jamie Oliver around with you.

Especially when you’re in the outdoors, it’s pretty important to boil your water. Boiling the water you pick up from fresh water streams can kill germs and parasites, and save you from parting ways with your lunch a little earlier than you’d like. That’s why a kettle is just about the most important bit of kit you’ll bring into the outback. And it comes in just as handy when you’re making up a soup or a cuppa.

And, you guessed it, this little champ will fold down into a neat little parcel for transportation. That’s right, you can carry around a 1.5L kettle that’ll fit in your glovebox. Pretty nifty, no?


Camping Pots & Pans

Everything we’ve got has been engineered to take up as little space as possible. And that’s not just the price tag, that’s all our camping pots and pans. The Smartspace pots with lids have a handy little handle that can be detached, so you can stack each pot inside each other. That way, they can take up absolutely no room in your car, 4x4 or caravan. And the less room you’ve got soaked up by pots and pans, the more room you’ve got for baked beans and tinnies!

Those pots aren’t just there as cheeky little space-savers though; they’re actually top-notch cooking pots. Each one includes a Teflon non-stick coating to make cleaning a piece of cake. You’ll even find some silicone mats so you can stack them without them sliding left, right and centre on bumpy roads. Or even as you dish up, those mats will lower the risk of a rogue elbow knocking your dinner into the dirt.

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Smartspace Pots With Lids


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Bamboo Bowl Blue


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Bamboo Plate - Blue


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Smartspace Frypan


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Tritan Stemless White Wine Glass

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Oztrail 3Pc Plastic Cooking Utensils

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Oztrail Jaffle Iron Double

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Oztrail Stainless Steel Bowl Set

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Oztrail Stainless Steel Chow Set


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Smartspace Frypan Lid Only


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Whistling Kettle 2.5L - Blue


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Whistling Kettle 4L - Blue


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Bamboo Mug - Blue


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Bamboo Mug - Cream


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Bamboo Plate - Cream


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Bamboo Side Plate - Blue


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Bamboo Side Plate - Cream


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Camco 12 Egg Carrier. 51014


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Camco 6 Egg Carrier. 51012


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Camco Knife Sharpener


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Camco Multi Purpose Scissors. 51039/Old51038