Accessories & Parts To Suit Toyota Prado

Each Prado comes with the power and performance to take you anywhere in the wild nation. But no vehicle is completely immune to the infamously harsh environment and sun of Australia. So if you’re looking for accessories and parts to suit a Toyota Prado, we’ve got just what you’re after.

From basic dash mats to the toughest bash plates, we’ve got everything it takes to keep your Prado in top condition.


All the Top Accessories For Toyota Prado

Toyota tests their toughest vehicles in the toughest part of the world: the Aussie outback. So if you’re adding accessories and parts to your Prado, you need to trust they can survive the same territory. That’s why we only stock stuff that’s been tried and tested in the grittiest parts of this desert nation. If it doesn’t make the cut, it doesn’t make our range.

Prado Snorkels

There’s more to a snorkel than just getting air in. It’s what a snorkel keeps out that proves the difference. And these locally made snorkels are the masters of keeping nasty elements out of your engine. So you can ford every stream (well, at least the ones where you won’t float away).

To guarantee your snorkel won’t break down the moment it catches the sun, each one has been constructed from UV-stable material. So when you need airflow most, you can trust your snorkel is going to get the job done right.

Prado Bash Plates

If you’re off paved roads, there’s always the threat that a wheel will sink and the underbody of your Prado will hit a rock. In the blink of an eye, your off-road run can turn into an expensive repair. That’s why a Prado bash plate is so important. You can take on those tough 4x4 courses knowing the underside of your car is as safe as possible.

With clever ridges and grooves in the design, you have the strength and security of a thick metal bash plate – at a fraction of the weight.

Prado Bull Bar

Remember when we said we only stock the toughest stuff? We weren’t lying. The AFN bull bars on the Outback Equipment website are the same ones catered to NATO military vehicles. These trusted bars are just what you need to keep the nose of your Prado safe from off-road obstacles, on-road obstacles, and anything else threatening to damage your beast.

But safety shouldn’t cost your Prado its quality design and looks. The contouring of the hardened steel bars have been engineered to perfectly match the design of the Prado. The sleek shaping around the headlights and grill will give your Prado a mo’ Mitch Johnson would be proud of.

Prado Drawer Systems

For workers, campers, holiday-makers and stuff-takers everywhere, you need a solid storage solution for your Prado. There’s no point in just lobbing your gear into the boot, because it’s bound to damage both your stuff and your boot. So the most sensible thing you can do is install custom-fitting drawer systems. Each one is tailored to the exact shape of your model of Prado to ensure it doesn’t slide about like a greyhound on ice. And with UV-protected and fray-proof carpet, your drawers will be around for as long as your Prado.


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