Our Range Of Caravan Sinks & Taps

Getting your hands dirty in the outdoors means only one thing – you’re going to want a caravan sink. These sneaky little sinks can slot straight into any caravan, and come with a variety of features, materials and functions to suit your needs.

So you can forget washing your veggies in the shower or your hands in a billabong; we’ve got all the best caravan basins right here on the Outback Equipment website.


Types of Caravan Sinks

There’s no 2 caravans that are completely alike. By the time you buy a caravan, add your own little quirks and touches, you’ve created a feel that’s entirely yours. That’s why we stock a variety of camper sinks, made from all the materials you could imagine.

Acrylic Basins

Acrylic is the youngling in the world of camper sinks. The plastic and fibreglass construction make it lightweight, easy to clean, and cheap to buy. But by far and away, the biggest win is how easy it is to keep an acrylic basin looking crisp and clean. Other materials take a little more elbow grease to look a million bucks – acrylic doesn’t need much more than a paper towel.

Our Acrylic Corner Basin is one of our favourite caravan sink solutions!

Stainless Steel Sinks

If you’re looking to complete the stainless steel look in your caravan, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got countless options for your stainless steel camper sink, to suit your space and needs. If you’re a little strapped for space, we’ve got standalone stainless steel basins as small as 275mm in diameter. Or for a sneaky little rectangular option, the 280mm x 220mm option barely outdoes an A4 page.

Stainless Steel Sinks & Drainers

No one finishes their washing up, then gets a little buzz from the thought of manually drying everything. If you’ve got something better to do on your caravan holiday, you’re going to want a caravan sink and drainer combo. A drainer can even save your flat surfaces from being used for drying dishes, saving the damages of water spots and wear in the wrong places.


Caravan Taps & Faucets

You don’t spend much time thinking about it, but there’s something really satisfying about a well-engineered faucet. With the right weighting and feel, suddenly a bit of a drip in your camper can feel like the most luxurious thing in the world.

Whether you’re looking to give the Windsor’s taps a run for their money, or you’re simply looking for a tap to fit your budget, Outback Equipment’s got what you’re after. Our hot and cold mixing taps and faucets start well under $100, for a sleek and smooth system. Or if you want something a little more comforting, our Camec 3-Way Sink Mixer Swivel Spout will have you heading outside every time you need to wash your hands.


Check out our range of caravan sinks, taps and faucets, and order yours today!

$120.00 $115.99

SKU: 006004-A

Art 33 Single Lever Mixer Chrome With Standard A Handle


SKU: 006050-A

Basin Stainless Steel - Round 275mm Diameter

$45.09 $38.99

SKU: 800-06410

Breha White Hand Sink Pump

$197.00 $159.99

SKU: 041677-A

Camec 3 Way Sink Mixer 230mm Swivel Spout

$72.95 $62.99

SKU: 041674-A

Camec Basin Mixer 150mm Spout WELS Rated

$145.00 $128.99

SKU: 041676-A

Camec High Basin Mixer 160mm Fixed Spout


SKU: 041678-A

Camec Shower Wall Mixer

$72.95 $64.99

SKU: 041675-A

Camec Sink Mixer 220mm Spout WELS Rated

$98.95 $74.99

SKU: 038170-A

Camec Stainless Steel Basin

$113.00 $84.99

SKU: 038172-A

Camec Stainless Steel Basin Full Flange

$155.00 $139.99

SKU: 042975-A

Camec Stainless Steel Round Basin & Drainer

$98.95 $88.99

SKU: 042974-A

Camec Stainless Steel Round Basin 450mm

$186.00 $165.99

SKU: 042976-A

Camec Stainless Steel Sink 780mm x 480mm

$207.00 $190.00

SKU: 042973-A

Camec Stainless Steel Sink 890mm x 480mm

$199.00 $154.99

SKU: 006046-A

Camec Stainless Steel Sink With Drainer

$186.00 $139.99

SKU: 038169-A

Camec Stainless Steel Sink With Drainer


SKU: 005899-A

Camec Tap Handle - Left Hand Or Right Hand



Caravan Sink Hand Pump Chrome

$39.99 $18.99


Caravan Sink Hand Pump White


SKU: 800-06774

Coast Chromed L/H Faucet With Fold Down Spout


SKU: 800-06772

Coast Chromed R/H Faucet W/Fold Down Spout


SKU: 800-06540

Coast Luxus Chromed Flick Mixer W/200mm Spout STD "A"

$169.00 $119.99

SKU: 800-04984

Dometic S/S Sink 650x380x145. T_9102300058 VA934

$151.00 $149.99

SKU: 005993-A

Hot & Cold Basin Mixer


SKU: 005910-A

Hot & Cold Basin Mixing Faucet


SKU: 006002-A

MI2000/1 Mini Single Lever Mixer


SKU: 044832-A

Mini Corner Basin Full Skirt