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Camping is an in-tents experience (bad pun intended) and as such you should be properly equipped with the correct camping tent for your needs. A tent is your home away from home regardless of how big or small it is and should afford you a degree of comfort.

A camping trip can be one of the most memorable experiences you can have, but you want to remember it for all the right reasons. The tent you end up taking away with you should suit your needs and location. Most importantly, your tent should add to the overall experience of enjoying the great outdoors.


Tents for Camping

Browsing through all the different camping tents for sale can quickly become a tedious exercise. Tents for camping come in so many options that it can be difficult to narrow down your selection when shopping around. Some points to keep in mind when making your decision on a camping tent should definitely include:

  • Size: will you be sharing it and with how many people?
  • Conditions: what kind of elements would you normally be exposed to and what kind of environment do you generally camp in?

When searching for camping tents online, it might be harder to imagine the size simply based off its recommendation of how many people it can fit. Pay attention to dimensions and physically measure out this space so you’re not left under or overwhelmed by the size of a tent purchased online.

Identifying the conditions under which you will be using your tent, will help inform you what kind of design and material you should be shopping for. Thinking about how often you might use a tent in the harshest temperatures from summer to winter could make all the difference in deciding what your tent should be made of.

Even details like how you intend to arrive at your campsite should play into your decision on selecting the ideal tent. Will you need a lightweight camping tent because you’ll be hiking along trails or are you packing up the car and embarking on a road trip to your destination? Having to lug a heavy, family-sized tent on foot, for long distances would make for a tiring trip. Or worse, not having a substantial, heavy-duty tent for a long stay in bitter conditions will make your experience very uncomfortable, very quickly.


Camping & Caravanning

At Outback Equipment, because we’re not just into camping, but four wheel driving and caravanning, we even have a tent that can be attached to most vehicles. Especially ideal for vans and motorhomes, our annex tent option is a great way of creating more living space for your RV. Otherwise, as a spacious stand-alone tent it makes an excellent camping shelter, designed with the Australian conditions in mind.

You too can combine your love of camping and caravanning and make the most of the outdoors with an annex tent for something different.


The Camping Pièce de Résistance

There’s really nothing like finally getting to your campsite and pitching your tent. Going through the motions builds the anticipation of seeing your camping tent in its fully assembled glory, as well as setting the mood of your trip. Whether its relief or excitement that you feel at the sight of your finally erected tent, you know it is that point that signals the official beginning of your camping holiday.

Half the thrill of camping is being able to enjoy the perfect tent. Shopping for one with function and form in mind will ensure every camping expedition is a memorable one for all the right reasons.


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2 Man Dome Tent


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3 Person Tent


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4 Person Large Tent

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Coast Kirra Annex Awning And Inner Tent Kit Set



Drivetech 4X4 Awning Tent 2.5 x 2.5m



Flip Pop Tent by Front Runner

$1,399.00 $1,349.99


Oztent RV3 Plus Tent

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Oztent RV5 Plus Tent

$749.95 $487.46


Oztent Tag-a-long Tent for Foxwing Awnings Series I & II

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Oztrail Air Pillar 4 Person Dome Tent

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Oztrail Cabin Tent

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Oztrail Chateau Canvas Tent

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Oztrail Family Dome Tent

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Oztrail Fast Frame Tourer Tent

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Oztrail Festival 2 Person Dome Tent

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Oztrail Flinders 3 Person Dome Tent

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Oztrail Genesis Tent

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Oztrail Hiker Hiking Tent

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Oztrail Nomad Hiking Tent

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Oztrail Skygazer Dome Tent

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Oztrail Tasman Dome Tent

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Oztrail Tourer Canvas Tent

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Darche Air-Volution AT-4 Tent

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Darche Air-Volution AT-6 Tent

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Darche Safari 260 Tent

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Darche Safari 350 Tent

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Darche Safari Tent Wall

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Oztent RV-3 Touring Tent

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Oztent RV-4 Touring Tent

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