The pop-up tent is perhaps one of the most popular types of tents available in Australia. This tent is the most convenient camping companion and the number one choice for faff-free festivals. However, the problem comes when you want to pack it after the fun. The good news is that you won’t worry about packing your camping bag anymore because we have you covered. This step-by-step guide simplifies the seemingly frustrating process for you. 

Step One

Remove the pegs anchoring the pop-up tent to the ground. Detach all retaining straps, rainfly, or awnings that you may have used on your pop-up tent. 

Step Two

Move your tent to a free and open space if you anchor it in an enclosed area. Open your tent’s door and invert it before shaking it to remove any accumulated debris. Hold the gathered poles in front of you as you let them stand vertically. Wipe and dry the wet surfaces of the tent using a piece of a dry cloth to avoid folding it with moisture. This process is more efficient if you have someone helping you, especially if your tent is large. 

Step Three 

Hold the metal hoops sewn into the tent’s fabric vertically at a suitable perimeter and fold the tent upward. Ensure that you fold the tent towards the horseshoe-shaped hoop to hold your tent in place. This folding process resembles bending a taco made from fabric. 
Slide one side of the hoop beneath the other once you fold them until the sides touch each other. The hoops overlap naturally as you push the tent down. You’ve done a perfect job if your tent is flat and neatly folded. Slide the retaining straps around the folded tent to prevent it from redeploying. 

Step Four

Finally, place the tent in the storage bag, and you’re ready to pack it in your car. Your Pop-up tent is ready and waiting for the next camping trip!
You’ve seen it now. Folding your pop-up tent won’t be troublesome anymore! All you need to do is follow those simple steps. 

Why Fold Your Pop-Up Tent?

There are several reasons why you want to fold the pop-up tent, including the following;

It protects your tent: folding your pop-up tent allows you to store it properly, preventing possible damage or bending of the tent poles.

Ease of Transport: A folded tent needs less space making transportation hassle-free. 

Convenience: folding your pop-up tent increases the convenience of redeploying it the next time you go camping. A folded tent’s neat and organized nature means you must unzip the storage bag and redeploy it. 

Enhanced Durability: A properly folded pop-up tent lasts longer than one stored haphazardly. Following the folding instructions protects the tent fabric from wear and tear. 

Always fold your pop-up tent properly and store it in a secured place to protect it from damage. It’s more convenient to set up a folded pop-up tent. Follow the manufacturer’s storage instructions for your tent to serve you longer. 

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