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Guy Ropes for Tents & Caravans

Unless you have one of those pop-up tents, your tent isn’t going to be able to stay up by itself – especially if you’re camping in an area with wind, rain or any other kind of elements you will need tent guy ropes. It’s important that you have the best kind of camping gear so that you stay dry and warm. Tent guy ropes and caravan awning guy ropes will help you stay dry and warm as they will help keep your tent in place even when there is wind and rain.  Where once we used thick ropes, wooden toggles and steel bars; now we have the luxury of lightweight and highly durable guy ropes which are designed to last and best of all we sell a range of luminous and glow in the dark guy ropes which are perfect for preventing trips and falls!

When you’re choosing, you might have a tough time deciding between tent, glow in the dark (luminous) or caravan awning guy ropes. Well, the good news is that most – except for some heavy-duty guy ropes – are built pretty much the same way.

We have a range of ropes for tents available in varying thicknesses (aka strengths) and also some glow in the dark rope.

So whether you need guy ropes for caravan awning back up, or you’re looking for your tent that are safer than your non-glow in the dark ones, we can help!


Luminous & Glow in the Dark Guy Ropes

When you have a standard tent with standard guy ropes, you are usually (not always, but usually) given standard material guy ropes. This kind of guy rope doesn’t glow in the dark and can cause problems for your campsite at night!  This is where luminous guy ropes can come in handy.

After all, what’s one of the most common accidents you experience in the campsite? Yep, that’s right. Tripping over guy ropes.

Save your family the hassle and potential injury by buying luminous guy ropes that glow in the dark.


Multi-Purpose: Caravan Awning Guy Ropes

When you buy a tent, you get the whole kit and caboodle with the purchase. That means the fly, guy ropes, pegs and poles. It’s convenient, simple and easy to use. Just set out for the great outdoors and get camping.

But – many of these guy ropes are more like actual ropes and are geared to perform far above and beyond what is required of them! Some of the guy ropes that come with standard tents can hold hundreds of kilos in strain. And to us, that seems like it might be a little bit excessive, don’t you think? If you’re thinking of weight and size as a component of your camping (especially if you’re a trekker with weight considerations for your pack), you should be looking to cut weight wherever you can.




Blue Screw Oztent Edition Large



Blue Screw Oztent Edition Small ( Pack of 5 )


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Cargo Mate Luminous Guy Ropes 3.5m X 4mm

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SKU: GR356

Cargo Mate Luminous Guy Ropes 3.5m X 6mm


SKU: GR706

Cargo Mate Luminous Guy Ropes 7m X 6mm


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Glow In The Dark Rope [6mm X 50m]


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Poly Tarp Grommets

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Supa Peg High Impact Plastic Screw Peg Kit - 300mm

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Supa Peg High Impact Plastic Screw Peg Kit - 500mm



Telescopic Pole 2.2m



Telescopic Pole 2.3m



Telescopic Ridge Pole 2.6m - Oztent