Winegard is globally recognised for the design and engineering of custom antennas, mounts, and communication solutions. Winegard has over 60 years of proven antenna design that has become the benchmark for quality and reliability. This family-owned, American company specialises in a range of consumer products for a variety of needs including TV antennas for RV, tailgating, trucking, and marine, as well as home HDTV antennas and internet and WiFi. Their RV antennas make it possible to watch favourite shows anywhere with their wide array of solutions including portable satellite antennas, roof mounted satellite antennas, and local broadcast HDTV antennas.

Outback Equipment stocks various aftermarket antenna kits from Winegard along with some associated accessories.


SKU: 900-00300

Winegard Directional Handle Kit

$414.65 $329.99

SKU: 900-00070

Winegard Freevision Sensar HV Retrofit Antenna Kit

$469.00 $349.99

SKU: 900-00010

Winegard Sensar Amplified Antenna Inc Euro Jack

$813.95 $669.95

SKU: 900-09110

Wineguard WiFi Connect 2.0