Sunland is the largest manufacturer and distributor of quality automotive dashmats, as well as being the pioneers of dashmat production in Australia. Sunland sets the standard in dashmat development with the Generation IIII Protex Dashmat, which is backed by a lifetime warranty. As a vehicle specific design, these dashmats are fully moulded to fit your dashboard correctly, including cars with dash-mounted passenger side airbags. Sunland dashmats have been scientifically tested to reduce in-car temperatures and improve air conditioner performance and offers maximum UV protection. Sunland has the most extensive range of models available making them the number one maker of quality automotive dashmats.

Outback Equipment stocks Sunland dashmats in a variety of vehicle models. Simply search for your vehicle using our Parts Finder under our 4x4 & Touring category.


SKU: T8401_T8406

Dashmat For Toyota Coaster HZB50R


SKU: M8306_M8301-1

Dashmat For Mitsubishi Triton - MQ MY16 01/2015-2017


SKU: F5401_F5406

Dashmat For Ford Falcon - Ba/Bf 09/2002-04/2008


SKU: G2301_G2306

Dashmat For Holden Commodore - Vn/Vp 08/1988-07/1993


SKU: G3206_G3201

Dashmat For Holden Commodore - Vs 04/1995-08/1997


SKU: G4506-3_G4501-3

Dashmat For Holden Rodeo - Ra 02/2003-11/2006


SKU: G6606-1_G6601-1

Dashmat For Holden Rodeo - Ra 12/2006-07/2008


SKU: K4106_K4101

Dashmat For Hyundai Elantra - Md/Md2 07/2011-12/2015


SKU: K3606_K3601

Dashmat For Hyundai I30/I30cw - Fd 10/2007-04/2012


SKU: B2906_B2901

Dashmat For Mercedes Benz Vito - Viano 07/2005-2017


SKU: D8506_D8501

Dashmat For Nissan Navara - NP300 03/2015-2017


SKU: P1606_P1601

Dashmat For Proton Jumbuck - Gli/Gl/Si 02/2003-2017


SKU: P2206_P2201

Dashmat For Proton Savvy - BT 04/2006-11/2011


SKU: B3006_B3001

Dashmat For Ssangyong Rexton - Y200 03/2004-2017


SKU: T4906_T4901

Dashmat For Toyota Hi-Ace - SBV 12/1995-03/2005


SKU: T1901_T1906

Dashmat For Toyota Hilux - YN65 12/1983-10/1988