Suburban, a division of Airxcel, was established in 1947 in the US, Dayton,Tennessee. They are the leading manufacturer and supplier of RV heating, water heating, and cooking appliances. Suburban’s name is synonymous for quality products that enhance the RV lifestyle. Their appliances are known for reliable performance and longevity with their water heaters considered some of the best on the road today. Suburban uses a porcelain-lined, steel water heater tank with an anode rod to “absorb” the electrolytical action. Every tank is pressure tested twice during the manufacturing process to ensure its integrity. When properly maintained, the life of a Suburban porcelain-lined tank may double or triple, saving owners the cost of premature replacement.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Suburban hot water systems, replacement parts, and associated accessories.

$147.80 $129.99

SKU: 950-01314

Black Suburban Water Heater Door. 6270aeb

$57.15 $43.99

SKU: 950-02691

Suburban 240V 1440W Hot Water System Heating Element

$77.95 $70.99

SKU: 040710-A

Suburban 240V Element 1440W

$36.25 $32.99

SKU: 950-01140

Suburban Anode Rod For All Suburban Hws. 232767

$45.00 $32.99

SKU: 950-03514

Suburban Nautilus Access Doors 10 Gallon White

$60.25 $40.00

SKU: 950-03512

Suburban Nautilus Access Doors 6 Gallon Black (6276AEB)

$60.25 $39.50

SKU: 950-03511

Suburban Nautilus Access Doors 6 Gallon White

$111.27 $69.50

SKU: 950-03502

Suburban Nautilus Control Centre - Black

$111.27 $62.99

SKU: 950-03500

Suburban Nautilus Control Centre - White

$1,527.90 $1,249.99

SKU: 950-03000

Suburban Nautilus IW60A On Demand Water Heater

$57.17 $32.99

SKU: 950-03504

Suburban Nautilus Vent 0-1"

$61.42 $40.00

SKU: 950-03508

Suburban Nautilus Vent 2-3"

$577.50 $499.99

SKU: 950-00044

Suburban SW5EA 240v Only HWS (With Door). 5188A